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  • Member: KeitaroBaka
  • Title: CHiPs Under Arrest
  • Premiered: 2004-12-14
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    • TV Theme CHiPs
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  • Comments: And now, for something completely different...

    Although I make this available now, it is over 3 years old. From the last change dates of the project file, I did this when I started my Tsujimoto & Kobayakawa AMV ( - read my comment on this or you won't understand what I'm talking about), which then still took me months to tweak before I was brave enough to publish it.

    Actually I don't know why I post this. It is rubbish, seriously. All my AMVs have at least one thing - good audio quality. This doesn't. It also has the video quality of what was available from the internet in late 2001, which was not much. Well, better things were available, but not for the no-title absolutely-clean OP of the You're Under Arrest OAVs...

    Where was I? Oh yes, about this being rubbish... I mean it. For those who know the Megatokyo webcomic, this is not like Piro complaining about his crappy art. I am serious. It is a similar concept to the aforementioned Tsujimoto & Kobayakawa AMV, with one exception: it is much worse, although I actually changed the order of some scenes.

    I must be really mad to show this to anyone. I despair just from thinking how deep my average ratings will go down because of this...

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