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  • Member: bee_happy
  • Studio: Buzzy inc.
  • Title: Yuna and Tidus fallout
  • Premiered: 2004-05-21
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  • Song:
    • Me And my friend
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  • Comments: Okay me and my friend made this on the spur of the moment. The quality's not great I know, and I'm too lazy to make it better, so you'll have to put up and shut up =p. Just so you know, I was the voice of Tidus and my friend was the voice of Yuna.

    Tidus: It's nice here, it's really pretty. Oh, whats that?
    Yuna: TIDUS! I love you, I love you-
    Tidus: What the hell!?
    Yuna: I love you, I love you- Gimme a hug!
    Tidus: =Run away! Oh my God it's gonna eat me I'd rather die!

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