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  • Member: Quest19882k2
  • Studio: Seeds of Fury Productions
  • Title: Mysterious Sensui
  • Premiered: 2004-12-09
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    • The Spotlight Syndicate Mysterious Moxie
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  • Comments: Ok... so a lot of ppl hiked on my previous AMV's, which i wasnt too happy about. so this is my shot at a serious AMV. I spent more time, fixing, cleaning, analyzing, and crying over this AMV than any of my other ones. and in retrospect...

    it still kinda sucks

    depending on what i get after a month of this being aired, i will either stop making AMV's or continue making them...

    x_x ( what am i doing? )

    - Chapter Black Saga (A LOT of Spoilers, as will be apparent in the first 11 seconds)

    please... for the sake of Christ, Buddah and all other religious figures.. LEAVE COMMENTS

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