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  • Member: zarius
  • Studio: SolidRockman Studios
  • Title: The G-Team prepares for war
  • Premiered: not yet
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    • The A-Team Soundtrack A-Team Prepare for war
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  • Comments: The gundam pilots have always reminded me of The A-Team (in fact, a lot of things remind me of a-team,) so i dedicated a whole section of the website to Gundam wing music vids with a-team music!

    Using my recently downloaded A-Team Soundtrack, this one features the "A-Team prepare for war" theme, and basically shows a build-up of the Seires towards it's final cataclysmic moments.. It's continued in the next one, "G-Team srike", which is the a-team theme...

    Hilarity note:There will be more a-team gundam vids coming onto my site, so here's a chrecter list just so you know which g-pilot reminds me of which A-Team Member...

    Heero-Howlin Mad Murdoch

    Meliardo-Hannibal(He LOVES it when his plans come together)


    Quatre- Mr. T(Come on, he's a pasificst until the battles heat up)

    The jury's still out on a few more charecters, but I'll fix that soon enough.

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