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  • Member: ShivaBlizzard8
  • Studio: Diamond Dust Productions
  • Title: Tonight - A Tribute To Rinoa (Remastered)
  • Premiered: 2004-12-06
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    • Nina Gordon Tonight And The Rest Of My Life
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  • Comments: NOTE: THIS VIDEO HAS SINCE BEEN REMADE. See the newer version in my .ORG profile.

    I finally ditched my crappy "classic" iMovie for upgraded software and spiffed this vid up. Cut scenes were ripped directly from the PSX discs instead of VHS tapes, edited in iMovie4, and encoded in DivX rather than Quicktime. The result is a much cleaner and more exact version of this vid.

    As I said before, with this my goal was to make an FF8 video that focused more on Rinoa than the Squall/Rinoa relationship, telling the story from her perspective rather than his. I thought that the song was highly appropriate for this, and that the footage seemed to line up with the lyrics well. There is some repeated footage, but it is done on purpose; especially scenes showing Squall are supposed to me in Rinoa's mind. The "old movie" effects which I was able to add this time around helped in bringing that idea out a bit. Enjoy!

    "Tonight And The Rest Of My Life" Lyrics:

    Down to the earth I fell
    With dripping wings
    Heavy things won't fly
    And the sky might catch on fire
    And burn the axis of the world
    That's why I prefer a sunless sky
    To the glittering and stinging in my eyes

    I feel so light
    This is all I want to feel tonight
    I feel so light
    Tonight and the rest of my life

    Gleaming in the dark sea
    I'm as light as air
    Floating there breathlessly
    When the dream dissolves
    I open up my eyes
    I realize that
    Everything is shoreless sea
    A weightlessness is passing over me


    Everything is waves and stars
    The universe is resting in my arms

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