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  • Member: Sonydjsnmix
  • Title: Let's Sing A Song
  • Premiered: 2004-12-02
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  • Song:
    • Ayumi Hamasaki July 1st
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  • Comments: This is a result of me wanting to do a Full Moon video so much and only having a very limited amount of footages *cough* 1 episode *cough* I used KAA's DVD rip subs and Nanime's Finnish fansubs. The poem on this video is pasted below. I wrote it. Enjoy!
    I see you standing in front of me
    I thought you finally came
    only to wake up from a dream
    Calling out your name

    In front of the mirror
    I practice through
    Hoping today
    My dreams will come true

    But reality comes
    Crashing down
    The pain quickly
    Spreads around

    Iím surrounded by people
    Who pressure me everyday
    To give up something really special
    They want to take it away

    Iím not going to lose it
    I wonít give in to their demand
    Calling me stubborn
    They just donít understand

    Taking out a picture
    Of you and me
    Wondering how long
    It has to be

    A hand appears
    Iím in shock
    As I crawl

    He slips right in
    A cat eared man
    Thatís the moment
    Where it all began

    With a silly pose
    They looked so funny
    They made me laugh
    With ears of a bunny

    They are Angels of Death
    Here to protect my fate
    To die in one year
    Thank god itís not too late

    No matter how much
    Courage I gain
    Iíll never be able
    To erase the pain

    The angel uses his powers
    To create a pill
    To help reach the dream
    That's me to fullfill

    I walk in the room
    And I felt so naive
    My dream seem so far
    For me to achieve

    Memories of the pain sweep through me
    My mind is full of doubt
    Voice too small to reach anybody
    I wanted to get out

    My angel stopped me
    Asked me what I love
    Your face comes to mind
    You came all above

    I will sing my heart out
    No matter how painful it may be
    Letís sing a song
    Letís sing a song
    I will leave with no regrets
    Letís sing a song
    Letís sing a song
    Iíll sing out loud
    And do my best

    With the angel of hope behind me
    Iíll meet you again one day

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