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  • Member: SQ
  • Title: Cloud's Sentiment
  • Premiered: 2004-10-27
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    • Shadow Hearts OST True Voice
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  • Comments: Well, it's like this...

    I used to be an active member on forums. And all of the sudden, everyone started showing off their (crappy) AC videos. So I decided to screw over their linkin park action crap with a sentimental AC video set to a song they've never heard.

    I was beta testing it to the forum when my computer broke down. Again. I lost everything but the "finished" beta. (This reminds me of "Knives' View"...)

    I couldn't figure out exactly what I wanted to change, but I knew the video wasn't finished.
    I reformatted the computer, but somehow lost everything but the damn betas, which really pissed me off, because I had worked REALLY hard to make the AC footage look damn good.

    For some comparison, you try doing this.

    Needless to say it was a hard effort. I think I edited the actual source footage(that is, the 4-minute TGS 2004 trailer) more than the AMV itself.

    For the Video... Well, since the trailers(all of them, mind you, I used all of them) mostly concentrated on action, I had to put action in the video, or I'd have a whole lot of nothing.
    So I paired the action with some good sentimental scenes, slapped on a "This is a damn good AMV" label and called it beta time for the forum.

    I've never played ff7, but I am anxiously awaiting AC to come out. I am only guessing at the sentimentality of this that relates to the first ff7...

    I used some crappy effects for this thing.
    Noise, invert, color offset... It's all blah. But it matches with the music I used. I had a hell of a great time cropping out trailer logos. [/sarcasm]

    So yes, you gracious AC fans, there are NO LOGOS in this video. NO SUBTITLES. Nothing but pure, raw, beautiful footage. There is no ceiling or ends of a movie screen.
    If only I could get an "A" in effort. -sigh-

    [NOTE: I made this in 2004, so I only used the craptastic trailers that were released THEN. Every trailer on the Official AC site after :002 had not come out yet. Not that I got the trailers from the official site, anyway.]

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