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  • Member: SilverMoonPrincess
  • Studio: Silver Moon Productions
  • Title: Understanding (Remaster)
  • Premiered: 2004-12-03
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    • Evanescence Understanding
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  • Comments: Yesh, another remastered video. The reason I've been doing this is because I like getting new videos up often and remastering old ones is a quick way to do that. Plus, I've been working on some big video projects that might take a little more than a few weeks to finish. Also, I've only been doing this for videos that people seem to really like even if I didn't spend much effort in making them. So, I feel I should earn the stars that I get. And if you leave an opinion, you will have noticed I did not check the digital effects box. The reason is, people seem to get confused by it and it has brought some of my other videos down for the wrong reason. Either they think I didn't use enough or that I used too many. It seems to me the digital effects score is not how much or little you use them, its how well you use them. So, I'm only going to check the digital effects box for the videos I use Adobe programs or Ulead for.

    These are the comments from the original. They pretty much apply to the remastered as well:
    "*sniff sniff* This is one of my more depressing amvs. Its especially kinda hard to make a sad Sailor Moon video since its such and optimistic anime. But I think I captured it quite nicely. If you've watched pretty much all the series (or at least have a good grip on the story lines) then you'll most likely agree. This video shows Usagi's views on when she loses all her friends and even dear Mamo-chan. I particularly like the flashbacks to the beginning of the video near the end. "

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