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  • Member: Tsukin
  • Studio: Epileptic Seizure Studios
  • Title: Intro City
  • Premiered: 2004-12-02
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    • U2 Vertigo
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  • Comments: Fanime 2005 - "Best of Show" & "VC Best Freeform"

    Finally, after a long period of time not making any new videos, I finished one. Here's something I had a lot of fun with, and in fact, was designed in that purpose alone, it was just fun, lol. Theres not much to it, except that the only footage used in the entire AMV are intros from the anime dvds that I own, with the exception of Gatekeepers which I borrowed from my friend Misty, I'd like to thank her for that considering it definately came in handy in the making of this video. Anyway, If it's one thing I've definately noticed is that while most anime series have pretty good animation, the intros always have 3 to 4 times better animation(well, in Saiyuki's case I'd have to say about 15-20 times better, lol, but that's beside the point), and so I wanted to show that wonderful animation in this video, hence the title Intro City. Altogether the video took me about a week of nonstop of editing; the basic outline of the video took a few days while the rest of the time was spent fixing this and that, seeing what scenes would work better, correcting errors, etc. Anywho, I hope you enjoy the video, and please leave an opinion if u can ^_^

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