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  • Member: mounkeygirl
  • Studio: "My mommy says I'm special" studios
  • Title: Prince
  • Premiered: 2004-12-01
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    • Aqua My Oh My
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  • Comments: My First mixed AMV n_n I tryed hard not to just lean on one or the other, which seemed to result in me doing so at some points... not quite sure how that happened... I was looking for a song for Fruitsbasket and came across this one, I immidiatly thought, "This would be perfect for Brigadoon!!!" Thus the mix.

    I was able to do it!!! I did the whole thing without Kyo!!! There might be a kaching with a cat but, that dosn't count... :P I'm a huge kyo fan so I was soarly tempted to put him in, but this was supposed the be one for yuki, and, well, if I had put him in there Kyo would take yukis role as prince, so congragulate me for resisting! n_n

    This one hurt... badly... my computer let me know full well that it dosen't like fruitsbasket. I'm stuck making AMVs with windows movie maker and all the fruitsbasket clips were choppy. Throughout the whole project I had to keep saving the file to my desktop, watch it through, change the length of the clips. save again, change anything I missed, ect. I tryed to take that flash of Hannah out! Relly! T_T Last day I was abosolutly sick of it, I tryed to bring justuse the the very end though, not all too sure if I did...

    And I'm not going to make another vid untill someone leaves an opinion >:E

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