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  • Member: ScorpionsUltd
  • Studio: Scorpions Unlimited
  • Title: Whisper Of The Beast
  • Premiered: 2004-12-01
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  • Song:
    • Megaherz The 5th Of March
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  • Comments: Finallist of AKROSS Con 2004

    Winner of Best Action Nomination voting.
    Finallist of Best Story Nomination voting.


    And so you can refere this vid as "Another Naruto video"... And yet its not. ...Or this not what we created.
    The point for us was not to create another action video with zero story tolerance, but to recreate one of the original storylines, to show the other side of the coin and yet to show the filings of the hero, his inner fear and pain he suffer every time his memory comes above.

    So this is the story about old suffer and old nightmares, about old memories of deeds you may call a "self mistake". It is the story about devided personality - the greatest foolish thing man can do to his soul - and about the filings that shakes both of its sides. This is the story about the half you call "good" disgusts the half you call "bad" wich simply protects its other half and yet share the same pain it brings. It is story you forever trying to forget. And it starts...
    ...It starts from whisper...
    ...It starts from nightmare.... ...It starts when some part of yourself wont forgive your deeds once again... ...It starts when dead friends hands cover your eyes... ...It starts from darkness...
    ...It starts again...

    ...And... ...Oh yes! "Seven month of work cannot be too bad!.." ^^'

    So there is the vid created by Naruto fans and for Naruto fans, so the story change is visible to ones that have seen the original anime. As for others, we found they see it as another action vid with some kind of blurred and uncertain story. Yet they was surprised when they realised that the original story is somewthat not that straight as it shown in our video. Especialy when they discover truth about the characters and their background story.
    The storyline may looks like a bit complex, we found also that only Naruto fans see clearly throu the scenes and parts linking, but we realy hope you wil find this vid interesting to you...

    And if you found yourself wondering what and where scenes was changed then you can look at this link to check up the "behind the scene" work process:

    Songs Used:
    1. Megaherz - 5. März
    2. Eminem - Stan (Intro and Instrumental version)
    3. U2 - One Minute Warning

    Program Used:
    Adobe After Effects only

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