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  • Member: godix
  • Title: Spoiler Warning
  • Premiered: 2004-12-01
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    • south park Dead Dead Dead
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  • Comments: The title is pretty accurate, I've spoiled almost every anime in the video. Every single person shown in the video either dies, is already dead, or in some other way is directly involved in death. Usually in the same scene I'm showing. Most of these deaths are fairly minor spoilers but there are a few major ones here and there.

    This video has gotten a review that, to me at least, is the nicest thing anyone has every said about my videos:
    This was the most sadistic, most hilarious thing i have ever seen. - Itachi Uchiha

    The subtitles weren't part of my original idea. Originally I was just going to do straight lyric sync. That ended real quickly when I learned exactly how few animes have a christmas scene where someone dies in it (I'm still proud of the Grave of the Fireflies lyric synced part though, not that anyone would really notice it). So instead I went with the 'throw as many deaths as I can find' idea. Which ended up rather blah. That's the point where I decided to see if having a guy lipsync the thing helped any. It didn't, it just made a blah video with some guy lipsyncing who never moves. Somewhere around this point I mentally started making fun of the video and my abilies at lipsyncing. Suddenly it hit me, I could insert characters making fun of the lipsinger. That's when the video finally clicked with me. So if the video appears to have layers that were done mostly independently of each other that's because it was made in layers that were done mostly independently of each other. Now that I re-watch it I find the subtitles are very distracting, they draw attention away from the video. Given the quality of some of my source that's probably a good thing though. All of which means that I just typed way more information than you need to watch the video and you just read the boring ramblings of a demented man. Stop reading this and go watch the damned video already.

    You're still reading? I thought I told you to go watch the video.

    You can go watch the video now, there's nothing else after this.

    Ok. I lied, there was something after the above. But it's a boring and pointless something. Go watch the video now. Seriously.

    I'm starting to get the feeling that you don't want to watch the video. Instead you're just teasing me. I bet you intend to read these comments and get my hopes up that someone is going to watch my video but then you'll close this window without downloading just to tormet me, won't you? Video tease.

    You get some sick satisfaction out of reading pointless tripe don't you?

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