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  • Member: madmallard
  • Studio: CollidingSYmphonies
  • Title: Not Dead Yet
  • Premiered: 2000-11-30
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    • Styx Not Dead Yet
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    Our first video at Colliding Symphonies. It showed in AWA6 pro contest. I'm VERY eager to hear from anyone who's seen our first work! Please email me, or leave an opinion

    Pretty straight forward first video idea. Mostly lyrically driven, but some other nice edits came from it.

    We made this in two sittings over the course of 6 months. All night editing. . .. gotta love it. . .

    We still love remembering some of the stuff that came out of that editing session, like the epiphany to use mario paint to build a title card. . .or "lee harvey oswold's brothers's on the loose."

    We didn't win anything beacuse the year we submitted to AWA, it was up against EK's Mama Said Knock You out, so we were a bit crestfallen to be beaten by the better video. . .

    But the laughs we have when the song comes around so totally blows all the rest of it out of the water, it makes us want to make more.

    This song was picked to be a 'fun' video to do as my first endeavour. Technically my first endeavour was a little White Zombie to More Human Than Human various, but I didn't make it past the third edit before I realised I wasn't doing so well with my current non-editing VCR.

    I picked this song because i had never seen a Styx AMV (no, the cartman cover of Come Sail Away doesn't count.) For that reason alone, i thought "there should be more Styx AMVs." I figured it would be a fun first AMV project, and a fun song to listen to. Only about halfway through the production did Matt(artificial suns) tell me someone else had mixed a "Not Dead Yet."

    At that point, I decided, I didn't care who else had used the song. There were already a couple AMVs to the same song in existance, and both could be cool without having anything to do with eachother or even tell the same kind of story

    So we set off one weekend we both had scheduled off of work, in the summer i believe, and sat down in front of the stereo and shared the lyrics sheet from the cd jewel case for about a half hour. I strongly advise, no matter what your editing Technique, to listen to the song repeatedly and try your best to play the whole video IN YOUR HEAD first. Try your best in your 'minds eye' to edit the whole thing in imagination before you actually set to tape, or whatever. DOing this helps give your video direction, and theme. The worst kinds of videos are the kind that dont seem to go anywhere(excluding fight videos).

    So once we thought we had a clear idea for most of the song, and parts we thought would be funny, we started our first linear editing analog job. I played the audio track onto a blank tape, and then prepared to start dropping in video clips. We came to the first lyric.

    [Well, I was born too late to be a Rolling Stone.]

    We couldn't think of anything for this shot for almost a half hour. It pissed me off. "Boy we're in trouble on this video. We haven't even got through the first edit."

    "And were on our 3rd DrPepper," was my reply. Nothing even came close for this lyric in anything we'd seen! Not even someone who looked kinda like MicJagger. We gave up of symbolism and tried to think of something literal. Rolling stone. After another 15 minutes I had an epiphany. "Wait! In Projetct a-ko 2 there was a scene where she was spinning a giant metal ball down a path!" As we watched the clip i remembered it was down the arm of a giant robot, but hey, the scene fit, barely.

    Thats right digitalphiles. no clip stretching here. no time compression, no nuthin. if it didn't fit in the space you put it, tough.

    [I don't know Jerry Lee, I never met John and Yohko]

    We had no clue what to do for Jerry Lee, but the Devil Hunter Yohko was obvious. Had to have an excuse to stick that in.

    [Standin with my Strat, a rock&roll's bastards son]

    'Strat' as in Stratocaster. I grabbed a scene from Kimagure Orange Road for this one. Alot of our footage was borrowed from other AMVs because our own fansubs were either subs, or had such poor video quality they wouldn't survive another generation. And you know what? I'd do it again. I don't mind getting footage however i can, and someone who thinks your evil for this should go read an FBI warning or something.

    [go out, get drunk, get wild, have fun]

    I had this one paved in my head a long time before, the classic dub of Tetsugyu from Giant Robo bitching about Daisaku & swinging that gourd around.

    [i dont got a million dollars, don't drive a cadillac
    [gimmie half a chance, cause i'm not dead yet.

    This edit seems to stick out as my worst mistake. The don't got a million dollars, I thought of the lupin Cagliostro scene where he throws out thee fake money, but the only format we had it was in Brad DeMosses El-Banditos video. Again, i don't feel bad about getting footage where i have to, but we used a couple of his edits to cover the other line of lyrics because it matched the tempo. We got lazy. I knew we'd never win anything with the vid, and the point was to have fun, but if i had one part to go back and do, it would be that. Brad saw that at AWA when it debuted and I never could quite guage his reaction, so now I feel bad. I was hoping Brad would be cool with it, considering what we all are doing when making an AMV, but I wouldn't blame him for being pissed.

    [Not Dead yet

    I liked cramming the 3x3eyes in there. Another one i don't see in amvs. The look Natsuko has on her face the 2nd time the camera hits her usually gets a nervous laugh from the crowd.

    [I'm a mad dog fighting with the wall against my back

    ChunLi getting thrown against a wall from StreetFighter Movie. The kicking leg wipe to the next edit was purely by accident.

    [you better get a bigger gun i'm not dead yet
    [I've been machine gunned, hand gunned, hi-jacked, left for dead

    Gunsmith cats, running for the assault weapon, hand gun, and the guy 'left for dead' on the floor. Stretching i know. .. probably the longest clip used. . .

    [dive bombed, napalmed, nuclear warheaded

    Lupin again, from Mamo. I had never seen this Lupin, but Casey had, and it was a perfect choice. This was where we decided we could time it tight enough to hit certain beats on the music. We began to get the hang of editing with the vcr. We got into the groove.

    [Dropped from a jetplane, with no parachute]

    Macross, baby. Again, a Casey idea, I thought it fit perfectly too. I still recall screening this somewhere and hearing "Let her fall!"

    [shot by a firing squad]

    Go Shogun. Another one we hardly see. The 'Firing Squad' is actually the cops cracking down on the locals in a bar.

    [raped by a business suit]
    Another tough one. After deciding we didn't want to be too literal, lest we spoil the humor, we decided this lyric wasn't that important and found some Sanctuary clip with a guy in a suit. I like the sly look he was giving

    [I'm Dancing on a land mine, baby, one leg left]

    I remember the scene in Ninja Scroll when Jubei was fighting the Ninja, and the clip fit great after some dump editing. I just like how he was hopping away. This gets inconsistant laughs from the crowd. sometimes good sometimes silent. . .

    [And I can still crawl, and i'm not dead yet]
    Ken from StreetFighter movie after his ass-whoopin by Bison.

    [Not Dead yet.
    [I'm a mad dog fighting with the wall against my back]
    I still like tenchi, and the old OAV kagato whups up on the Universe Kagato.

    [You better get a bigger gun i'm not dead yet.]
    again sticking GoShogun in there. Casey's familiarity with alot more anime than I helped this video out alot. He especially liked how she fell backwards on the guitar riff.

    [Well you're bigger tougher, meaner rougher]
    had to stick c-ko in here ;p

    [Dirtier and uglier and sneakier and trickier]
    Obscure reference! Thats Dr. Robotnic from Sonic CD alright. We loved sticking far reaching stuff in there. I actually remember hearing murmers of 'where'd that come from?' It wasnt that obscure. . .maybe they hadn't seen Steam.

    [you wanna shoot me with a gun]
    a little dirty pair

    [Cut Me with a knife]
    obscure again! Dragon Quest here.

    [Take your bare hands baby, rip out my eyes.]
    i just love robots that transmit pain to their pilots.

    [You knocked me to the floor then you bit me in the neck]
    Streetfight movie again. This scene was just begging for this song.

    [Well, hit me again cause i'm not dead yet.]
    I just love this part of any anime when the guy gets so pissed off he rolls up his sleeve, no matter what he's wearing, then shakes his fist in frustration. Kaneda in this case. . .

    [not dead yet]
    [I'm a wild card hiding in the middle of the deck]
    Ranma's Christmas Special

    [You better get a bigger gun, You better get a bigger gun]
    Nukunuku. The subtitles almost made it in, but we managed to cut that frame off with the Kite scene with the guitar solo. I take that back, the Kite scene was the longest clip.

    [Well there's a mugger in the alley
    Here's where the editing started to get tight. That's a Key: Metal Idol scene. Casey came up with a better alley scene. .

    [There's a sniper in the hall
    El Hazard clip. I know its not a hall or anything. . .and yes, there's another sniper that springs to mind first, but I had special plans for him. . .

    [there's a girl by the bar who wants to grab me by my balls
    demon city. I had never seen it, but after watching this bar-room scene over and over again to get the edit right, I don't think I want to now. . .

    [and the hangman will hang me, if i autograph the noose
    more lupin

    [Lee Harvey Oswald's Brother's on the loose
    My favourite joke in the video using the old Golgo. This got big laughs at AWA, but i was nervous because no-one laughed until they finished the line in the song. I'm like "why arent they laughing? I loved this part! oh god they hate it." Then the lyric finished an everyone was laughing clear into the next lyric. The best part about this edit was getting the source. it was an orion streamline dub, so good luck finding local shops with commercial tapes of those; we cased at least 5 blockbusters looking for a tape of it.

    [Mafia hitman with a bullet for my neck]
    again, ho-hum sanctuary.

    [Some day he's gonna get me]
    Casey's idea of 'get me' from another seldom used anime, Phantom Quest Corp. I think it worked well

    [(whispering) not dead yet]
    I had to sneak some old school Ranma with long hair Akane in there. And no, Kuno's face is not a popped frame, I wanted it to hit on the drumshot.

    [not dead yet]
    Naomi ripping out that sharp pointy thing from polymatrix

    [i'm a wild card hiding in the middle of the deck]
    some black jack m-66

    [you better get a bigger gun]
    Geobreeders and the drum gun. 'Yeah yeah yeah yeah!'

    [You better get your poison pen]
    had to stick dragon half in there

    [Not dead yet]
    Ghost in the shell PSX. 'Red alert! We Gotta Get Outta here!' If you've never played this game or read the books, this will loose alot of its humor, but those littel red tanks are actually intelligent. ONe of them is dragging the remains of his buddy away, while the mangled tank is still screaming as though he's in battle.

    [i'm a mad dog fighting with the wall against my back]
    casey dug out the kimba for this one. I was surprised at the fan response. It was a great clip for the edit too.

    [you better get a bigger gun, woah woah woah]
    i loved this part in a-ko where the captain, so pissed, runs into the back room, and comes back out with an anti tank machine gun. The "woah's" coming up on the panicking crew was purly coincidental.

    [not dead yet]
    Outlanders! gotta love trish ledeaux dubs

    [punch this face]
    slipped the ol softcell End Of Summer in there taking a cue from Matt from AS.

    i loved this fist of the north star bit. It sounded alot like the voice, too.

    [I'm a mad dog fighting with the walk against my back]
    Had to give Tetsugyu his cool scene to make up for the intro

    [you better get a bigger gun i'm not dead yet]
    Casey nailed this ending from the tank police.

    and of course the credits were generated by mario paint.

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