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  • Member: jbone
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  • Title: Renegade Megadeus
  • Premiered: 2002-01-20
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  • Song:
    • Wildchild Renegade Master (Fatboy Slim Old Skool Edit)
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  • Comments: edit time: 76 hours

    current revision: 1.08

    Since I first heard this song in a video on MTV's defunct techno series "AMP," this song has been one of my all-time favorite techno mixes. It's powerful, it's hyperactive, it's cacophonic... it rings beautifully.

    Before I decided to make this video, I envisioned how I wanted it to be. While the completed video feels exactly as I envisioned, it looks nothing like I ever expected. (In a good way.)

    Not a single frame of video is wasted, not a single beat is missed. And nothing is done the same way more than once. There were many ways in which I could have created each portion of the video, but I did not want to repeat the same trick or effect over and over - I wanted the completed work to be unique from part to part, but still to flow throughout and not be disjointed.

    Progression, be it temporal or spatial, is very important to me. Events needed to be contiguous in order for the video to flow. I used many fade and transparency effects to show how multiple things happen simultaneously, thereby increasing the amount of footage I could use and reducing the need to "play tricks" to cause the viewer to imply things were happening simultaneously.

    Before I started on this project, I hadn't used Premiere in well over two years, so some of the length of creation time was due to re-learning how to do some of the more complex things with Premiere. The experience I gained should definitely help me use Premiere more efficiently in the future.

    You'll notice text appearing briefly a small number of times within the video. It's taken directly out of the series. If you've seen the series, you'll understand...or, perhaps, if you've seen Cowboy Bebop, as that series also has text blurbs at the end of episodes. If you don't understand the text, don't worry about it, it's not essential to the action of the video.

    revisions in v1.08:
    * Adjusted Compleat version's ending sequence (for continuity).
    * Adjusted one frame.
    * Adjusted credits.

    revisions in v1.07:
    * Changed three additive dissolves to cross dissolves.
    * Changed font/location of "rear bumper."
    * "I know what 'P' means!" (a.k.a. Re-keyframed entire video, hopefully for the better. [Not that it was bad before...])

    revisions in v1.06:
    * Friggin' Premiere interlacing-when-clips-played-backward "feature" removed. (grr)
    * Found/removed a nearly-invisible stray frame.

    revisions in v1.05:
    * Found/fixed another unintentional interlacing effect.
    * Re-adjusted one of the formerly adjusted visual effects.
    * Replaced bumpers with more efficient alternatives.

    revisions in v1.04:
    * "I'm a dumbass." (a.k.a. Removed unintentional interlacing effects.)
    * Fixed a timing issue with second "text message."
    * Slightly adjusted three digital effects so they appear exactly as originally intended.

    revisions in v1.03:
    * Removed one small, unnecessary sequence.
    * Made minor timing adjustments in a very small number of clips (to compensate for removed piece).

    [text last updated 1/26/03]

    Winner, "Best Action," MegaCon '02

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