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  • Member: InuYashaRocks1111
  • Studio: *Kiss My Gluteus* Productions
  • Title: Click Me - You Know You Wanna!!
  • Premiered: 2004-11-28
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  • Songs:
    • Gravitation Super Drive Silence
    • Rurouni Kenshin Quiet Life
    • Shimatani Hitomi Angelus
  • Anime:

    This is not technically an AMV... well it has music and anime n its like 5 mins long but this is actually my school project.. for anatomy.. im only puttin this on the site because some of my friends want to c it n its a lot faster if they get it from here then if i send it to them... its also more convenient..

    my friends did voice overs for this vid n then i matched up anime scenes to it... theres music in the background n the credits r almost like a type of vid... if u wanna no nethin about anatomy u mite like it.. lol its all anatomical terms like for example the studio i made up for this sn.. *Kiss My Gluteus* Productions.. "Gluteus" means "ass" lol

    If you're gonna get this vid and then bitch about it because u either one: were too stupid to read the video description, or 2: u just wanna be retarded n bitch about it.. go rite ahead, i culdnt care less lol. i dun care if anyone downloads this or not... but its my 100 in dat class (wheee 100!!!! i got a 100!! whoohooo!! =]]] )n its a lot of practice wit lip sync so its great for me..

    there's some nudity but its not sexual nudity, so its all good =]

    you might wanna see this out of amusement as to how i matched up my friends' voices to Shuichi and Hiyono.. lol.

    I reazlized i spelled "quiet" as "queit" in the credits.. im retarded.... i dun think mai teach noticed

    if u get this vid n steal it n use it as ur own project, i will hurt u.

    my class liked it... i think...


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