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  • Title: Poltergeist
  • Premiered: 2004-11-26
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    • Hillary Duff Fly
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  • Comments: Won Best Drama.

    TECHNICAL ASPECTS: Screen, multiply, chroma, RGB Difference, sped up one scene and reversed it, slowed down I think one scene. Tint, Color Balance, one Image pan. One bend.


    The AMV is my rendition of the Utena movie. It's kind of an alternate-universe deal.
    Basically, it goes like this(pardon my lack of character names; my memory sucks ass):

    Utena(pink hair) is talking to Touga's(long red hair) ghost, the introduction of the school and the rose garden, which is pretty much the same damn thing in any utena movie AMV ever (I swear, it really is).
    Utena meets Anthy(purple hair girl), the rose ring thing is introduced, Utena gets upset.

    Enter ghost world, Touga and the girl ghost(short brown hair) start discussing Anthy and Utena's past.
    The two twins(blue hair) kill eachother in the bathtub(I never found out why that happened in the movie, but the basic theme of the AMV is killing, so I decided to put it in)
    Anthy is blamed for it.
    The Prince of flies' ghost(short purple hair boy) still lingers, while the girl with the red hair tries to bring him back/meet him/revive him (I forget).
    The ghost girl with the purple/brown short hair doesn't want the red-haired girl to do that, and the pendant is there for no particular reason save it looked interesting and memorable.

    Back to the main events, it's Utena and Anthy again. They're fighting for no real reason, and Utena runs off. Utena goes to Touga's ghost to seek wisdom/help, and then Utena relives his death. Touga can't help Utena's situation, and now Utena's by herself.

    Cut to Touga's past, oh no, incest rapage. :O Enter short brown haired ghost as a moth for no other reason than it being insanely creepy.

    Naked Anthy and Utena is kind of filler, but I guess for the story's sake, they made up or came to a compromise, but then Utena spots a certain painting(s)...
    The sword fight against the long-orange haired woman when Utena looks like the Prince of Flies is filler, because it looks cool and kind of matched the music. But if you want it to mean something, let's say that the Prince of Flies came back and he is not happy.
    Utena protects Anthy for some inane reason (don't know why I stopped going chronologically, here)

    Now we get back to the real story I am trying to convey. Utena found the paintings before, but now, there's a tape of what those paintings mean. The radio girls play it, and the poltergeist(ghost girl with brown short hair) introduces it to Utena in jealousy. There is filler-suspense("Feel the wind on your shoulder") and then you find out how the Prince of Flies died.
    He was murdered! Oishit.
    Utena is surprized and perplexed at this, while Anthy is debating on what to do with herself. Contrary to all the other filler-headshots, the ones on Anthy actually mean something. They're all showing her shocked, afraid, and not knowing what to do.
    Finally, she makes up her mind, and...
    She axes utena! OHNOES. (yes, my pathetic red hue was Utena being axed)
    Some filler of the roses/blood pouring down, and then we flash back to what REALLY happened.

    Prince rapes Anthy, Prince kills Anthy(believe it or not, making that "stab" scene work out was a hell of a lot harder than it should've been), Prince kills himself.

    The next thing that happens is pretty much up for debate.
    I'm sure it meant something when I made it, but I can't think of what it means now.
    I went through so much trouble for the ghost of the Prince to finally friggin die, and NOT show Anthy or Utena in the process, because they're supposed to already be dead in the AMV.

    All in all, my view is: This video has too many random scenes and filler, and unless the movie meant something special to you, or my way of editing made it mean something special, it just sucks. It's random scenes put together in a slightly-comprehensible format.

    I'm not saying your stupid for liking it, not at all. I like watching my video, too. It's put together in such a way that it looks like it means something way deep and cool and such, but it's really just a shallow puddle. Sorry =X

    PS: I think this is the only utena movie AMV without the sailor moon dance scene. Haha, go accomplishment.

    PPS: This video was heavily influenced by MeriC's Utena video, "Liberation of Memories Past".

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