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  • Members: Nobu_X, cisNe_amareLo
  • Studio: TAC Studios
  • Title: Hajime no Ippo Tribute: Breathing
  • Premiered: 2004-11-27
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    • Yellowcard Breathing
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  • Comments: This video won 1st Place at S.A.N.A 5 AMV Contest in Brazil.

    First of all, this is a tribute to one of the best sports anime ever, which is Hajime no Ippo. After reading some new chapters of the manga, i felt like it was missing an action-drama AMV of this magnificent anime. But i didin't felt like a had the necessary skill to pleasure the fans with a decent amv. So, when i was looking at some HNI scenes, the song Yellowcard - Breathing started playing on my winamp... suddenly i felt like the anime and this song were made for each other. There was no way to stop it, i just HAD to make a Hajime no Ippo Tribute, and here it is, after countless hours of editing! =)

    I've divided the amv in basically 3 parts, or should I say, 3 character profile parts: First of them is the Naniwa Tiger, Takeshi Sendo's part... then it comes Ichiro Miyata's part and finally Ippo's part of the AMV. I hope that the fans of each character gets satisfied with their respective parts of the amv. My objective is to show an action/drama sequence of each character, as almost all of the other hajime no ippo's videos are all about Ippo or Ippo x Sendo.

    I'd like to thank those who collaborated with me...
    cisNe_amareLo, Katsumi_Liqueur, Squall_Renzokuken, Ben_Rain, Metal_Carcass, Soulforged and Pennywize, who was always asking me for a Hajime no Ippo AMV.. here it is man!

    Hope all of you, HNI Fans, enjoys this amv, because it was made by a Hajime no Ippo fan for the Hajime no Ippo fans! >D

    For those who aren't (yet), i invite you to take a look at what actually IS Hajime no Ippo >D

    Opinions are always welcome! Thanks ^^

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