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  • Members: Voices_Of_Ryan, Scintilla
  • Studio: AcStudios
  • Title: The Prescott Affair
  • Premiered: 2004-12-01
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    • The Prescott Affair (Original Trailer Audio)
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    2005 VCAs
    Round 1 Nominations
    Most Original
    Best Trailer

    SakuraCon: March '05

    People to Thank
    I felt like doing this first because it's so large I really wanted to get it outta the way.

    Beta Testers

    Special Thanks for Help (Non-beta Testing)

    Light And Day - The Polyphonic Spree
    Bangles - Hazy Shade of Winter
    Taking Back Sunday - The Blue Channel
    Feel (Onegai Twins OST) - Fuan na Kimochi
    Feel (Onegai Twins OST) - Wasurerarenai
    Feel (Onegai Twins OST) - Asa
    Tomoyasu Hotei (Kill Bill OST) - Battle Without Honor Or Humanity

    Voice Actors
    Thank you to this special group of people who worked almost tirelessly to deliver not good, but GREAT voice acting for me. Here's the list (with actors lined with their characters).

    Voices of Ryan - Jacob Ryan Lawler Van Ausdeln ( : P?)
    Characters Played: Ryan Prescott, Father, Computer

    Character played: Father's #2 (Helicopter Scene), Background (School House Scene)

    SongBird21 - Wendy
    Character Played: Blue Haired Girl (Opening/Ending Scenes)

    Scintilla - Peter Wolverton, Wolfton
    Characters Played: Background (School House Scene), TV News Anchor

    Cyanna - Katie Collins
    Characters Played: Background (School House Scene), Amy

    Character Played: Background (School House Scene)

    Character Played: Background (School House Scene)

    MarzGurl - Kaylyn
    Character Played: Background (School House Scene)

    Crzy_Tetsuo - David
    Character Played: Backround (School House Scene)

    Introduction to the "Movie" From Director Voices of ryan - Ryan Ausdeln
    First off I'd like to note that this was planned for about 4 months (yes 4 very odd months in which I didn't know at first how the hell I'd ever get voices from the internet without a miserably odd audition process).

    Over those 4 months, I've done so many really odd things. But one of the more important things right now is the Trailers.

    I started making original trailers kinda as a release towards my life and ideas. Yet I never knew when I started just how entranced I'd become in actually making this... NEW world, this beautiful new world that no one had discovered in animes that had been out in so long.

    I began to write my own scripts for these trailers, and then along came... Beautiful Summer. After contemplating for so long how to record lines online, I found a few ways, and did my first Original trailer. It was a learning experience to say the least.

    While it was a disaster both publicly and in my own eyes, I felt it gave me a well needed boost up and taught me some important lessons about the entire process.

    After a month of thinking and idea making, I decided to heal from the wounds of Beautiful Summer, and do another trailer from a script I'd written previously. This was called Hallucinations of the Harmonic Mind (if you're here reading this of your own accord... you probably know of it, or have seen it).

    The special thing about Hallucinations is that for the first time, I had some actual Directorial help from a man who would later become not only one of my really good friends, but the associate producer of the very video you're reading the Biography to now.

    Scintilla (Peter "Wolfton") became a needed boost as I made my way through the somewhat rushed production of Hallucinations, giving me ideas on editing and basic structure of the music, all the while providing his vocal talents (just like in my first production, Beautiful Summer).

    As the production on Hallu (which was completed in a VERY rushed 3 days) closed, we realized that there was truly no stopping JUST WHAT potential this "Original Trailer" idea had. We could truly do anything we wanted with it. There were no boundaries or limits. No initial audio so no guidelines we had to follow while directing.

    When Hallucinations was released, it was an eye opener for me (To say the very least)... Everyone seemed to be embracing the idea of me being a viable director/Writer/Editor. And while Hallucinations is fairly well known and liked, I really felt like I'd let myself down in all terms.

    The truth had been, I rushed it. I knew I had... And I felt stupid for doing so.
    It could and might have been so much more if I had just taken my time and listened to the response from Beautiful summer.

    So this time, I vowed to listen to the responce for hallu... If any was to come.

    And indeed, it did come, not only from Opinions on this site, but on aim, msn, yahoo and every form of chat. The support was really overwhelming (for a person like me, that usually gets his videos rather ignored on this site).

    So for the next month, Peter and I put our ears to the ground and listened to every word from everyone who said something (Even a rather ridiculous email titled "You must be on weed o.o").
    The good, the bad... the worse. We listened.

    After about a month I told Peter I was writing another script, and naturally being the Evangelion fan he is, me telling him it was Evangelion piqued his attention. After submitting the script to him to read over (as well as the basic ideas) we just sorta agreed. "Yes, This has to be made".

    Since I had already had Evangelion on my harddrive from a project I was working on at the time (which would later become "Lost [And Still]" I decided that I should probably start auditioning for lead parts, etc.

    So the search was on, perhaps... the hardest, though, was the search for our lead female character, Amy.

    This was an EXHAUSTING search; I went through 34 Females (from 13 to 26) that auditioned to play the part. And it just wasn't working at all.. Till I found the perfect actress for the part.
    Unfortunately, due to conflicts that could not be worked out between us, she decided not to take the part. Saddened, I returned to my search for yet another girl who had just the right voice to play "Amy". It wouldn't be until the very same man that had been helping me all this time on the "movies" mentioned that his girlfriend might actually work,
    that we had our first breakthrough.

    Yes, after auditioning her, I knew she was perfect for the part (undeniably) she fit every aspect of the voice without having to try really hard (straining her voice).

    So I had my Amy, and I had already finished the script and some editing... Things are going fairly smoothly until.. Yet another brick wall.

    The pacing was off... Really off.

    This however (Thanks to the quick beta testing/thinking of Peter) was avoided by switching a few scenes around and thinking of some new voices.

    So it was on the right track... what we needed now... was some info, some input. I'd get beta testers, and so I did. I got 2 to help us out (Thanks Mav, Oto) for this phase.

    However, there was one thing Peter and I were BOTH worried about... my need to rush something. If I ever think I have something cool, I'll release it almost immediately, causing what coulda been something great... to turn into something subpar.

    So we set a deadline that was ridicously far off (for me at least), and I promised I'd stick to that deadline.

    So I edited... and beta tested, and auditioned, and edited... and beta tested, and auditioned.

    This video was finished November 27th after its final beta test on the 27th.

    And I could not be more proud of my or the rest of my team's work. You truly are a great team, and you truly helped me more than you guys know. I know it seems a bit ridiculous to write this much for a 2:39 length "movie" that'll probably never get actually made into a movie. But this thing was such a monster part of my life.

    Writing, directing, editing, auditioning. I truly became attached to the people working on this, and I really think you guys are amazing (and Songbird, you finally got that part you've been asking for :P).

    Now I'll turn it over to Peter (Associate Director) for his thoughts, etc.

    Introduction to the "Movie" by Scintilla - Peter "Wolfton"

    My first involvement with Voices of Ryan's original trailers was when I auditioned to be a voice actor for his first, "Beautiful Summer". At the time he accepted me, VoR warned me that he'd make me redo lines until they were perfect... what wonderful irony that I would eventually come to give him so much more trouble over quality issues (and even over his voice acting once). ^_^

    The story of "Beautiful Summer", or at least the way it was presented in the trailer, didn't really interest me that much, and there was a certain lack of professionalism to it -- it wasn't widescreen, the audio levels were all over the place (and so began my unending cries of "NORMALIZE YOUR AUDIO"), etc. However, it *did* give me the chance to do some voice acting, for which I was thankful.

    So when VoR started up work on "Hallucinations of the Harmonic Mind", I was only too glad to volunteer to act again.
    I was also glad to see the finished product; to me, it was a clear improvement over "Beautiful Summer" in that it actually made me interested in the non-existent movie it was advertising. Not to mention that I liked the editing on the sequence over the orchestral piece at the end. However, there were still problems, mostly in the audio department... and they bugged me enough that, when VoR approached me about the possibility of making an XviD AVI version of the trailer (since his computer had been having problems with XviD), I was happy to oblige.
    And while I was at it, I also edited the audio some, compressing the dynamic range and getting rid of some of the unwanted noise. I couldn't stand having to turn my volume up for half of the video and then down again for the other half. :P

    I guess the results must have been pretty good, as this time around I also got to clean up the vocals audio and do the filtering and encoding for the XviD version. It just so happens that I enjoy both of these jobs (perhaps because I've come to be such a quality freak in the past year or so). ^_^

    I feel the job of assistant director suits me well. I could never come up with a story like the ones in these trailers on my own, so I couldn't be the director. But I'm pretty good at nitpicking and making suggestions about other people's ideas.
    And for this project, aside from voice acting and the A/V filtering jobs I mentioned above, that was my main job: to criticize, offer suggestions (sometimes demands), etc.

    My girlfriend Cyanna was also more involved with this trailer than with either of the other two; not only did she make the poster (check out all three of her posters here), but she also provided the voice of Amy (Asuka). :)

    No trailer is perfect, and as with the previous two, we've come away from this one with a short list of things to do right next time... but the list gets shorter every time, and that's a good thing. :)

    A few random observations:
    - Adobe Audition is godly for audio editing
    - Evangelion footage still sucks (unless, I suppose, you have Renewal/Platinum)
    - Make all your voice actors record their lines at 44100 Hz and you won't regret it
    - Deadlines are GOOD THINGS, even when they're set so far into the future that the project is done a week and a half in advance -- but always leave the opportunity for improvement open, and never assume anything is finalized until the day of the release

    I'd also like to thank everyone who contributed to this project. It's been quite a rewarding experience, and it wouldn't have been completed without you. I hope you all enjoyed the experience and enjoy the finished trailer as much as I did and do. :)

    The Plot
    Ryan Prescott was an ordinary teenager with a good life, a good family, and even a great girl... until a horrible accident claimed his mother's life and caused his father to grow cold and distant.
    Not until two years later does Ryan finally discover the truth about his mother's death... and when he does, he's out for revenge, no matter whom he has to take down.
    But with his target wielding so much power, Ryan's going to need a little help from his friends.
    And with friends like his, revenge will be very sweet indeed.
    Not to mention a whole lot of fun.

    Aquiline Studios' Official Prescott Affair Webpage

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    AVI version (local/direct): XviD (with DivX 5 FourCC), 23.976fps, 640x352, 27.6MB
    MPEG version (direct): MPEG-1, 29.97fps, 512x288, 26.5MB

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