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  • Member: Genki
  • Title: Alone
  • Premiered: 2004-11-24
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    • Green Day Boulevard of Broken Dreams
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  • Comments: Well, this was really just a rainy day one-hour video I whipped up between the thunderstorms and tornado warnings and all on Thanksgiving Day Eve when I should have been preparing for tomorrow's dinner except there was too much traffic out for me to go to the store ^_^ funness. So please bear that in mind when you watch this oh-so-fabulous masterpiece ::rollseyes::

    Alone is mainly a Character Profile about mi favorito, Heero, and how he walks the path of the lone wolf after a tragic accident in his past forced him to face the fact that his actions have consequences. He therefore decides that by remaining distant, he won't be able to hurt innocents or himself. His shadow that walks beside him is his past, and he will continue walking alone until he believes that he has served his penance or made retribution.

    Technical info-stuff *yes, we all know how eloquent my vernacular is ^_^* : Program - Sony Screenblast, the best $90 bucks could buy, my handy-dandy video capture card that almost got fried the other night when *someone* ::glares:: decided to force a speaker jack-thingy in it, and an HP desktop. Plus me! I needed me to complete it. Yup, me was very essential. Sorry, I just drank a caffeinated beverage.

    As always, gracias a mi Muse, LC-chan. Even though she has no idea that I made this video, she always somehow finds ways to inspire me to make things. Maybe its cuz she's always daring me to make something that isn't sad, and somehow I always lose the bet, no matter what my intentions start out as. ...hrm...

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