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  • Member: Android Shaft
  • Studio: Blood Brothas and Co.
  • Title: Burn Calories, Not Weed B*tch!
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    • 50 Cent & G-Unit Fat Bitch (Baby Phat Freestyle)
    • Dave Chappelle Feminist Magazines
    • Dave Chappelle Thong Contest
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  • Comments: This is definately a song in desperate need of a video. I had to make it when I first heard the song, you've probably heard of the artist but not of the song: Fat Bitch by 50 Cent. It's nobody's fault for not living in a city that never sleeps and the music don't stop. Thats why 50 Cent only has 1 video on MTV, he's a huge underground hit with G-Unit and has over 36 freestyles. This is by far the best, if you can cop that No Mercy No Fear (Funkmaster Flex) Mixtape then get it, but I dobut you will.

    The freestyle got alot of hype because of the way 50 Cent twisted it around. The beat he chose for this freestyle is a track by De La Soul called "Baby Phat", De La Soul is known for thier smooth, crisp and generally old school lyrical flow and the premise of this song is: don't worry if you're a little overwieght its just a little baby fat, but 50 Cent being as sick on the mic as how sick he is in reality turned this song downright fucking evil! Its's hilarious, hopefully you'll be watching the video just as much as you're listening to the song...

    Now you know me and how I'm trying to boost up the hip-hop amv count cuz there just ain't enough, I feel left out without no good hip-hop Amv's. Hopefully this video will change some peoples opinons on making a hip-hop AMV, I know alot of people that are against it then they go and make a DBZ video with Eminem, fucking hypocrites. But this song is damn funny and I hope you enjoy the video!

    As for the credits, I got mad props for 50 Cent for being so damn good at freestylin. I owe even more to Dave Chappelle for being so damn funny, and if you ever get a chance to see his HBO Special: Killin' Them Softly it is a must, its from 2000 but its still good. I got a shout out to Max Sauces, my prodigy of AMVing who has now surpassed my skills in AMV making by 20,000x. Last but not least I have to thank the dude at Cartoon Network who put Lupin III and Futurama on Adult Swim.

    Email me any questions coments about other 50 Cent Freestyles, cuz I got alot and I got no problem helping anyone out.

    Song: Fat Bitch (Baby Phat Freestyle)
    Artist(s): 50 Cent, Tony YaYo & Lloyd Banks
    Album: No Mercy, No Fear
    Record Label: Shadyvile/Aftermath
    Year: 2002

    Video Credit
    *Dave Chappelle: Killin' Them Softly (HBO Comedy Special, 2000)
    -Thong Contest Skit
    -Feminist Magazine Skit

    Note: I realize that most the girls in this video aren't actually fat but they really should be, watch them devour an entire Army surplus in 4 minutes flat...

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