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  • Member: badmartialarts
  • Studio: Bad Martial Arts
  • Title: A Butterfly
  • Premiered: 2004-11-22
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  • Song:
    • La Monte Young Composition 1960 #5
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  • Comments: An argument about minimalist compositions got out of hand in the .org chatroom today, so I felt the need to act, and act swiftly. I have been in a bit of an editing rut anyway, and I remembered Young Master Otohiko's quote from his vast KC knowledge base: "Stop fetishizing the inherent and delinated meanings of music." (Probably misquoted). So, I did...


    [19:02] * Kalium is MORE minimalist than trythil
    [19:02] SSG[AMVHELL]> naked
    [19:02] badmartialarts> you or the characters, OR BOTH
    [19:02] * inthesto 's AMVs consist of black bitmaps and SQUAREPUSHER.
    [19:02] SSG[AMVHELL]> both
    [19:03] inthesto> Got more minimalist than that.
    [19:03] inthesto> *get
    [19:03] * trythil 's AMVs consist of Ryoji Ikeda and nothing else
    [19:03] trythil> i win
    [19:03] trythil> err
    [19:03] trythil> wait
    [19:03] * badmartialarts uses "4'33"" and a Blue Screen of Death
    [19:03] * trythil 's AMVs consist of TONE GENERATORS
    [19:03] inthesto> You might, if I knew who'what Ryoji Ikeda was.
    [19:03] SSG[AMVHELL]> all you need is black image mattes and Godspeed You Black Emperor
    [19:03] Kalium> my next video: 10 minutes of black screen and silence
    [19:04] badmartialarts> no
    [19:04] * inthesto wonders what would happen if you uploaded that.
    [19:04] badmartialarts> it has to be a real song, don't cheat
    [19:04] trythil> inthesto: that'd be awesome :)
    [19:04] Kalium> I wouldn't
    [19:04] badmartialarts> use 4'33"
    [19:04] * trythil does that

    *skip a bit, brother*

    [19:11] Kalium> uh-oh
    [19:11] * Kalium is scared out of reflex
    [19:11] inthesto> DUDE YOU CHEATED.
    [19:12] badmartialarts> no
    [19:12] badmartialarts> it's a real song
    [19:12] badmartialarts> :o
    [19:12] Kalium> GENIUS!
    [19:12] trythil> inthesto: no I didn't :P
    [19:12] badmartialarts> upload it
    [19:12] badmartialarts> dew it
    [19:12] trythil> no
    [19:12] badmartialarts> Original Animation
    [19:12] trythil> well
    [19:12] trythil> I could
    [19:12] trythil> heh
    [19:12] Kalium> dero uploaded his....
    [19:12] Requiett> Man, I was away.
    [19:12] badmartialarts> song John Cage - 4'33"

    *skip ahead again*

    [19:21] * badmartialarts will make a video to La Monte Young - "Composition 1960 #5"
    [19:21] badmartialarts> The score for the piece is "Turn a butterfly (or any number of butterflies) loose in the performance area"
    [19:24] badmartialarts> Trythil, upload your avant garde piece and I will upload mine, and we will rule teh .org as father and son!
    [19:24] Kalium> one go all black, one all white
    [19:25] badmartialarts> no, mine need anime footage

    A bit of work later....this video was born. Avant-garde meets the AMV world.

    The 'sheet music' for the song "Composition 1960 #5" is the beginning of the video. You can see that I spent almost an hour editing this. Don't let that fool you though. The quality is excellent. And I think you will come away thinking about many things. Isn't that what avant-garde is all about? :)

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