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  • Member: jasper-isis
  • Studio: Allegretto Productions
  • Title: Ever Searching
  • Premiered: 2004-11-12
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    • Spice Girls Viva Forever
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  • Comments: Back when I first got into AMVs, I thought to myself that one day, I'd make a video with the song Viva Forever by the Spice Girls. I thought of it as my AMV-making apex, THE one video that would mark the height of this hobby of mine. Indeed, the song is so beautiful that it would be a crime for me to use it in a poorly-edited AMV, or with mundane visuals that could not do it any justice.

    After the completion of my last video, I lapsed into a bit of editor's block. I had a list of ideas for potential AMVs, but none of them interested me enough to get me editing. Then the idea for this video came back to mind. Needless to say, I was initially very reluctant to start this video, as I wasn't sure if my abilities were developed enough to embark on my "project of projects." But with more consideration, I gained a bit of confidence. I decided to do it.

    I chose Shamanic Princess for its illusionary, nostalgic feel and its stunning art direction. Since the beginning of this year I've notice a small influx of Shamanic Princess AMVs, many of which are fast-paced and action-oriented. Taking a different direction, I wanted to really emphasize the intricate beauty of this anime by letting the letting the scenes play out in their own time, with minimal interference from myself.

    The story is a simple one for those who have seen the anime: Tiara searches for her childhood friend Sarah, who had been captured by an iconic (and rather ill-spirited) painting called the Throne of Yord. To develop the relationship between Tiara and Sarah, I wove in many flashbacks and memories throughout the video. I tried to coincide the climax of the plot with the climax of the song.

    My intended focus in this video, however, is not story. It is to create a subtle blending of music and visuals, an almost sublimal matching of the two using nuances in both. I tried to apply a great deal of mood synch, particularly in the instumental sections, without letting the scenes appear too random. It was difficult to maintain this type of cinematography while still carrying a semi-coherent story, but for the most part, I am satisfied with what I have done.

    When I started this project, I had wondered what there was left to do once it was completed. Now, with this personally significant video accomplished, I see many other possibilities opening up before me, all of which will benefit from the experience that I had reaped from this and previous AMVs. I can only be excited about what is yet to come. :)

    This video won "Best Drama" and a Judge's Choice Award at Katsucon 2005. It was also honored with "Best Sentimental" at Anime Evolution 2005. Enjoy!!

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