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  • Member: staces
  • Title: Schwarz Wie Unsere Liebe
  • Premiered: 2004-11-18
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    • Die Prinzen Alles Schwarz
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  • Comments: Hooray! The first (to the best of my knowledge) Crawford x Schuldig AMV ever! ^________^ This vid has the honor of being the first one made on my new computer, Hallette. It was made with DVD capture (that actually *looks* like DVD capture) and produced in WWM2! WMM2 is sooooo cool! It's easy like WWM1, but it produces much better quality and actually has effects and transitions (some of which I may have abused in this, but I think that I was able to control the 'kid-in-a-candy-store' urge for the most part. ^_^;;

    Anyways, this is an AMV celebrating the hypothetical gey luff between Crawford and Schuldig, but OTP! The song is in German and here is a translation (most likely a poor one, but I did my best) of what the song says:

    Alles schwarz - so schwarz wie meine Kleider,
    Alles schwarz - ich seh' nichts anderes leider,
    Alles schwarz - aus Tag wird Nacht,
    Alles schwarz - spürst du diese Macht?

    All is black- so blackly like my clothes
    All blackly - I sense nothing else unfortunately
    All is black - Day turns into night and all is black
    All is black- is this your power?

    Ich kann es sehen:
    Vor siebenhundertdreizehn Jahren
    war ich ein Prinz in Agadir.
    Ich kann es sehen,
    daß wir da schon zusammen waren,
    du warst die schönste Sklavin neben mir.

    I can see it:
    Seven hundred thirteen years ago
    I was a prince in Agadir
    I can see it that
    We were already together there
    You were the prettiest slave next to me

    Alles schwarz - so schwarz wie meine Wände,
    Alles schwarz - wir reichen uns die Hände,
    Alles schwarz - nur Kerzenlicht,
    Alles schwarz - wenn das Orakel spricht.

    All is black- so black like my walls
    All is black- we're rich with our hands
    All is black- with only one candle's light
    All is black- when the oracle speaks

    Ich kann es sehen:
    In siebenhundertdreihzehn Jahren
    bist du die Sonnenkönigin.
    Ich kann es sehen:
    Dann küsse ich dir deine Füße,
    weil ich dann dein Lieblingssklave bin.

    I can see it:
    In seven hundred and thirteen years
    You are the sun's king
    I can see it:
    I will kiss your feet
    Because then/at that time I am your favorite slave

    Anyways, the series and OAV footage is used for the verses, because it basically looks the same. Most of the chorus footage was taken from Glühen, mainly because I thought that the change in style could work to denote the change in time periods. I don't know if it worked that well or not. I only know of one person who'll understand the song for sure, and she'll probably laugh her ass off. (I'm sorry! I really try! ^_^;;)

    Well I'm fairly pleased with this. I hope I didn't go overboard with anything, and any constructive help on WMM2, or effects in general, would be nice. Thanks, and enjoy! ^_^


    UPDATE: December 16, 2004

    The nice people Hope Forlorn (a Weiß Kreuz fansite) are hosting this AMV for those who cannot download it locally! Please check it out their wonderful site (and my AMV ^_^).

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