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  • Member: Coffee 54
  • Studio: Crazy Vegeta Productions
  • Title: Goku: A Profile in Action
  • Premiered: 2004-11-16
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    • Foo Fighters all my life
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  • Comments: Description:
    A remake of one of my favorite videos of all time. The title, Goku: A Profile in Action, is derived from the nature of the video. It's primaraly a fun and mindless action video. Rather then looking into the character's past and personal relationships, this video showcases three of my favorite matches: Goku vs Cell, Goku vs Vegeta, and finally Goku vs Kid Buu. With this remake I wanted the viewer to see what I saw when I first made the original. So, when I came up with the idea for 30 Days with AE, this video was a give in. All effects in this video have direct inspirations, though in most cases they will only bear a passing resemblance to their more famous counterparts.

    Remake Notes:
    New source footage had to be obtained, then I had to realign all of the new stuff with the old project. If your wondering what the old video was like, keep in mind I made no scene changes, I only added effects. In places where split-screen is used the original video plays in the largest box (with the exception of the very end, where the original plays in the smaller center box, while still screens play in the backround).

    30 Days with Adobe After Effects:
    This is a fairly strait forward project. I had 30 days (the lenght of the trial period) to learn AE, and put it to use. I figured in that time frame, two videos seemed a reasonable estimate. To prepare, all editting was done before hand. One remake, and one completely new piece. Oh, and on a side note, DBZ and Naruto may not be the most original choices, but I really just wanted to cut loose and have fun with this project. That said, I promise to do something more artistic if and when I do 30 Days With Discreet's Combustion. Special thanks have to go out to Zarxrax and his AE Guide, and to all those creators who loaded their videos with effects, without whom I would have had no idea of just what After Effect was capable.

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