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  • Member: OtakuMegane
  • Studio: Insane Otaku Productions
  • Title: Metal Kombat
  • Premiered: 2004-09-24
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  • Song:
    • Utah Saints Mortal Kombat Theme Song
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  • Comments: This is my second video. Still going through some more "default" music to learn more before I really go out on the big stuff. This one was mostly to learn music/video sync, and try my hand at a little bit of effects. It amounted to a few flashes added through Photoshop and the fades at the end. ^^* Yeah...real Euphoria-type stuff. I did manage to arrange a number of cuts so the original anime provided its own transition effects and it turned out quite nicely there. Inspiration for some of the style came from Ranma Kombat.

    I was still going at it with Quicktime Player Pro while doing this video, so there were limits. And experimenting with video quality, codecs, etc. I will not use MJPEG ever again after this experience. I had crashes and corruption all over the place. Eventually I got the final master and went to fix an error in a couple frames, saved...and permanent corruption. Damn Quicktime wouldn't even open it anymore. I had one test MPEG-1 encode, which became the only existing master...hence the rather lower quality of the video.

    Anyway, go watch it already.

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