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  • Member: L.Valentine
  • Title: Akefia, King of Thieves: a Yami no Bakura Tribute
  • Premiered: 2004-11-17
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    • Rammstein Engel(English Ver.)
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    SPOILERS: I've never thought that it could be considered a spoiler, I was sure all the series were aired in USA, and the images I put they don't give the story away, but as people complained and I can't change the anime info, I wrote this warning.


    For all you Yami no Bakura fans, you will love this AMV.
    The first time I listened to the lyrics of the English version of Angel and Rammstein's raspy voice, I thought: " THIS *IS* Bakura singing!!!" and so I made this video. It took me quite a while to complete it, because I put much effort on the lipsync and the syncronisation. I used footage of high quality.
    I tried to demonstrate that it is not impossible to use a fast rythmic song with Yu-Gi-Oh! footages, infamously known to be annoyingly slow.

    This AMV is like a brief biography of Bakura's life: I tried to show why and how he is so evil in the song introduction and portrayed what he thinks and feels towards the good guys, the "losers".
    For the last moments I stressed how his growing hate damaged others and where it lead him to.
    I chose those last sequences for the final, because they perfectly connect to the beginning of the AMV, they show the hidden part of Bakura, that he in reality is a lost soul to the darkness and to his own hate.

    Then, what else to say? ENJOY IT! ;-)


    TO PEOPLE WHO HAVE PROBLEMS OPENING THE FILE: just update your divx codec.

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