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  • Member: OmniStrata
  • Studio: Omni Strata Studios
  • Title: Gimme the Beat - Feel the Rhythm
  • Premiered: 2002-01-26
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    • E-Rotic Gimme Gimme Gimme
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    300Mhz Pentium II Tortoise ^_^
    128 MEGS SDRAM


    Adobe Premiere 6.0
    Virtualdub (I again bow before LogoAway ^_^)
    Nandub (THANKS A LOT ERMAC!)


    A good 30+ hours. Though not as long as the 1st part of "Feel the Rhythm", the quality is better and it only needed one Anime to fill the bill. And YES there's lots of Fanservice to be had so watch it with discretion. :P

    And now the next vid from Omni Strata...
    It has somewhat ecchi content. The anime is Hanaukyo Maids so if you've seen/heard of it, you'll be careful...

    The focus point isn't on one character, so it's not really a character profile, but we'll see many of the more humorous scenes from 3 of the main characters:

    Konnai (My fav of the bunch. Much like my Motoko fetish... ^_^)
    Mariel (Belldandy + Mutsumi = Mariel ripoff... *cough*)
    Taro (son of Kitsune and Keitaro respectively... ^_^)
    There'll be some quick shots of other minor characters like Ryuka and Taro's nurse, Yuki...

    The energy in the vid is high, much like "Full On".
    There's also an abnormally large amount of uh, human sandwiching if you know what I mean. There is NO explicit $3K$ in it so don't worry if you think it's one of those... ^_^

    It's just poking fun at the silliness of the more adult anime titles! Although it doesn't sport enough wild effects to be called a "perfect" Dance vid, it's good enough for me to tell you to...

    Feel the Rhythm...

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