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  • Member: codehappykid
  • Title: A New Fooly Cooly
  • Premiered: 2004-11-09
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    • Evita A New Argentina
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  • Comments: This is the biggest thing I've ever put out all by my onesy. Clocking in at 8 minutes and 14 seconds, it's quite a show. This tells the story of Evita, the way of Fooly Cooly!

    Many scenes in this video are good. The exact proportion of those scenes to everything else will be determined by ratings.

    Lip syncing...

    Exists in this video.

    "A New Fooly Cooly" uses "A New Argentina" from the Evita soundtrack. Prepare to endure the painful struggle (for national independence!)

    Share and Enjoy!

    - Cory Redfern

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