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  • Member: Sojiro
  • Title: Adler auf der Brust
  • Premiered: 2004-11-09
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    • Mundstuhl Adler auf der Brust
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  • Comments: Well....
    my sencond video ^^;
    it took nearly a month, but i had many breakes in this time, cuz school etc.

    I had this idea before the Connichi '04 to make a Captain Tsubasa video with this (german) song.
    I know this song from Games of my favourite football club "Eintracht Frankfurt" in the Stadion.
    You will recognize the melody fast, it's from "Football is coming home".

    Well after the Connichi AMV Contest 04 i finally knew that i'll made this video ^^;
    (there were some ununderstandable decisions, but i won't tell more details)

    Hm... then after the Connichi i started this video, which is based on the german lyrics.
    Perhaps i'll sub it, but i don't know it yet.

    Finally, i did it despite time probs cuz of school etc.
    I have to thank Streicher very much, he criticized many betas very exactly and was very patient.
    Thank you!

    Now, i am hoping you'll download and enjoy the video.

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