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  • Member: Pwolf
  • Studio: Pwolf's Anime Music Video's
  • Title: As The World Crashes Down
  • Premiered: 2004-11-06
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    • CNN News Report
    • KLAX News Report
    • Tesla Heaven Nine Eleven
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  • Comments: *************************************

    ok lets see. I first heard this song on the radio and didn't really think about making a video with it. I then decided to go for it after hearing it a lot and started writing down my ideas. It took me about a month before i actually sat down and started editing. I had a list of a lot of anime i wanted to use but ended up not using most of them because there wasn't enough space and the more anime i use the more hectic is would've become and i felt that my concept wouldn't get accross.

    Speaking of concept... it's not hard to figure this one out. Even if you didn't read this first, i'm pretty sure you can figure it out. which is how i wanted it. The concept is more or less pain and suffering within a cruel world. it's everywhere and in this video i wanted to show that.

    THIS VIDEO ISN'T ONLY ABOUT 9/11!! the video is about everything. i specifically used audio clips from other events in the begining to try and get this across (seems like it didn't work for a lot of people). 9/11 isn't the only horrific terrorist attack the world has seen. Spain, England and many other nations are facing these same problems everyday. The video is about a world destined to be a hell on earth.

    I used some digital effects in this video. one of them is a lot more obvious then the others. but they are there so i don't want to see any "N/A"s for digital effects :P

    here is a breakdown of the video's technical stuff:

    00:00 - 00:31: This is the intro to the video. When i was just about done with the video, i came to a big problem. i had no idea what to do with the begining. it starts out way to fast and just didn't work at all with the mood i wanted it to start with. So i cut the intro the song off and got a bunch of video from CNN and KLAX. I ripped the audio out and spliced them together... i then faded in the song and it worked out. This also were the one obvious effect is... the monitor and the a guy talking about the explosion (00:27-00:31).

    01:49 - 01:52: This is one scene that i did some effects with... well more like filtered. I needed to do some color changes to it so it would match the scene before it. The scene before it is from EoE while this scene is from Xenogears.

    02:28 - 02:31: This is the next scene that i used digital effects on. can you see it? In the original scene, she is talking as the tear rolls down her cheek. I had to msack out the eye and the tear and place it over another scene of just her mouth closed... may seem easy but if you notice there is also this foregorund cloud movement. that proved to be a pain in the ass :|

    03:20 - 03:24: This scene where misato is laying on the ground seemed perfect but there was one problem. in the original scene she opens her eyes and looks up at rei... well this couldn't be there so i did more masking... i took a still frame of her with her eyes closed and her head on the gorund (actually onle 1 or 2 frames in that scene like that >..> this one was actually really easy as there was no dust cloud in my way :P

    Also, with the video edits and effects, i also cut the song. noticably the begining and end, but also i cut out a big chunk in the middle which was just instumental. the video i felt would give a better effect and hold it's concpet much better if i had cut everythign that didn't really seem right. the begining was kinda fast starting out and the end just dragged on too much for my concept. finally the piece in the middle i felt would distract from my concept cause i would mostly be adding filler.

    Best Drama at Animania Con Ja Nai XI
    Judges Honorable Mention at Anime Destiny*

    *This video didn't actually participate in the contest itself... the judges felt that the video would move some veiwers to assume it was a political message about 9/11 or about current events. They didn't want to cause any problems so the video wasn't shown, but because they liked it , it was given honorable mentions.

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