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  • Member: lilgumba
  • Title: Fate
  • Premiered: 2004-11-06
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    • Steve Conte Call Me Call Me
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  • Comments: Update: The video was in the Anizona 05 contest.

    DOH!! I'm a dork. I forgot to mention that this video was done the xvid 2-pass method so make sure you have xvid or divx to watch this.

    Okay this might have some video spoilers in it so don't try to read this until after you have watched this at least once.

    Once again I actually timed when I wanted to begin this project. The idea came 2004-07-06
    17:45:42. I listened to this song for a really long time and wanted to do something with this. I first did this just to pass the time. However, it got more personal since I was (an still am) in a long distance relationship. We could not call each other as often as we wanted to. That left me with a feeling of sadness. It's a bit funny because he was the one that gave me the song. I'm left alone wishing he would call me. I thought that Ryoko would have felt the same thing too since Tenchi had left her. That's how it started. Tenchi went missing and Ryoko wanted to find him. Tenchi's aging represents a lot of time passing. By the time I got to that section I was having a problem deciding Ryoko's fate. Either Ryoko will get Tenchi or she would not. I did not decide that until last month. I was in a bad mood for a lot of that month so I wanted her to suffer with me. Yes I twisted her fate and all the characters in the story. (Yes I turned Ryoko into a stalker.)

    Some technical things that I did in this video was to eleminate a certain purple haired princess. She had to go. This was between Ryoko and Tenchi and towards the end you finally see the face of the third person. In order to do this I used either AE and photoshop or just Photoshop alone to do so. I used AE for another couple of parts as well. I will keep the digi effects up. If you didn't notice where I used effects the better.

    I hope you enjoy this video. Once again I manipulated the footage so it is not like the movie at all. There are spoilers but they are out of context.

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