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  • Member: AMV_4000
  • Studio: AMV4000
  • Title: DingleDongle: The story of the lonely chimmichonga
  • Premiered: 2004-09-28
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    • Phillips Flat Screen TV With Ambulight Technology (Commercial)
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  • Comments: Ok... this is... my Video with Ambulight Technology... I have 2 versions of this video, one with Ambulight Technology, and one without... now you might be wondering... what the fu*k? well, let me Explain...

    Sunday night, at the AWA hotel, i was hanging out with Fluxy and everyone, and we were watching Demolition Man... And this commercial kept comming on.. pissed us all off, so i said "im going to record this commercial and do a video to it next time it comes on!" so i did... i made a vid to it... so enjoy!

    By the way, this video contains Adult Content, and Disturbing sh!t, so be warned!

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