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  • Member: jade_eyed_angel
  • Studio: Soul Anime Studios
  • Title: K.M.M.U.S. - "Bring It To Me, Takeru"
  • Premiered: 2004-10-30
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    • Soluna Bring it to me
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  • Comments: This vid was actually a totally random inspiration... I was searchin for a song for a different video and when I heard this it just suddenly struck me that this song really goes to Kono... so here it is lol.. I really like how it turned out... I dunno if I did the end as good as I could have since this is a fast song and there is footage after the music, but I watched it a few times and I decided it was okay, so yeah... lol

    There are hardly any vids to Kono ... at all! I honestly dunno why... I mean, there are so many options. Sure it's a short series, but Gravi is like only one episode n the two episode OAV longer and there are like over 200 vids to it... and it's not like this is a hard series to make vids to - almost any love song would do, for example... Anyway, now on to Soluna... almost no one uses Soluan songs, at all! This song.. I don't believe it's ever been used on here before... I dunno why, Soluna's music rocks! But oh well.. that's a double originality score for me in anime and song choices =P

    There is a lot of lip sync in this vid - I didn't plan to put it in originally sicne the lip sync in my last vid sucked, but once I put in the first part I just thought about it and since this vid is just a random in between thing, I might as well give lip sync another try - and I really like how it turned out, actually.. I put less work into it then in my last vid and it's way better! Only a few parts are of because when the vid saved, some parts that got stuck in vegas looked different there... but it's still ok. There's one part... "I'm so tired of playing games" sometime near the begginin - that was never spossed to be lip sync. That part is on a cross-fade effect and it got stuck in vegas so I didn't realize she was moving her mouth in that part unitl I saved it... but actually it fits pretty well, anyway lol... just thought I'd mention it in case people wanna take lip points off for it =P

    This is just a cute Hikari/Takeru vid... I think (or hope lol) that Kono... fans will like it for the most part =P I used some effects, but less than in my last vid.

    Anyway, I think that's it... SO ENJOY THE VID AND LEAVE AN OPINION PLEASE!!!

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