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  • Member: bum
  • Title: Blue Outline
  • Premiered: 2004-10-26
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    • Darude ranta
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  • Comments: This is the first video I've released in a long time. I've made a few others before but I iether didnt complete them for some reason or another, or they were school projects which I didnt upload because the ones I did for school projects and were generaly too violent for the org.

    But finaly I've finished something I can put on the org. And thankfully, something which I'm proud of. This amv is inspired/influenced by otohiko's the Wasteland. Specificaly its inspired by the third segment of that amv. What what i originaly had in mind was a landscape type amv, with a few emotional scenes of actual characters along the way. What i ended up doing was a sad/emotional type amv that, while not having a specific theme, conveys a sence of sadness throught the film. I didnt build up the scenes to get progresively sadder, I just aimed to keep a constant pace throught the vid. I did have a bit of a hiccup though with the pacing, and that was with the use of effects. when i first done the complete beta, at least half the effects didnt realy add anything to the flow or mood of the vid. But I worked through them when doing the final edits of the video, and ended up changing alot of the effects. Theirs still a scene or two I'm not sure about but Im happy with the final result. .

    One final thing, Thanks to Otohiko for beta testing and giving me advice on this amv. i apreciate it. And thanks to AbsoluteDestiny for the xvid guide in the beta readfag. It saved me alot of frustration that i was having after trying (failing) to do a final render for this vid with divx, wmv9 and mpeg.

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