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  • Member: Geirr
  • Title: Last Exile - 5th Season
  • Premiered: 2004-10-26
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    • Christopher Franke Babyon 5 Opening Theme, 5th season
    • Christopher Franke Voices of Authority
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  • Comments: NEWS: Nominee, 2005 Viewers' Choice Awards

    Spoiler Warning: MAJOR spoilage on Sophia! (You have now been warned.)
    OK, and I hand-composited a couple of scenes which WOULD have been fun to see in the series.

    Having a historical interest in (real-world) naval architecture 1880's - 1940's, I *REALLY* enjoyed the visuals in "Last Exile." You can almost smell the cordite and ammonpulver wafting across the gun decks, and the oily steam, sulphur and ozone from below! But in making this AMV I tweaked things a little by omission - some of the fiercest, point-blank, flat trajectory slugfests happened in WWI, not WW2. (Example: Jutland, May 1916.) The anime's straight-prowed ships of the line fit into 1900 - 1920 best; a time when coordinated air support really wasn't a factor. Thus, no vanships in this AMV, just the dreadnoughts.

    "Last Exile" was originally supposed to focus on the romance between Alex and Sophia, but marketing forces at GONZO steered the focus onto the two youths, Claus & Lavi. For you anime fans who enjoy more serious adult characters and perhaps fewer 16-yr olds as four-stripers (Nadesico had an ELEVEN year old...) you may note that Claus, Lavi, and Alvis do not appear in this AMV.

    Most of the transitions and motion effects are as-is from Premiere, but I did use After Effects to juxtapose some characters and for transitions using color keying. This was also my first attempt at lip-sinching characters who are speaking while in motion - many thanks to Brad DeMoss for his hints and tips.

    Music: Christopher Franke had played with Tangerine Dream since the 1970's, and he did music for Tenchi Muyo and Vandread in addition to "Babylon 5." The formal grandeur of his work here matches the classical European visual themes of "Last Exile" very well. Unfortunately the only sources I could find for the Bab-5 fifth season OP (with dialogues) were off of various derelict B5 fansites. (The show is nearly 10 years gone by now...) I did my best to clean up with Cool Edit. Some audio playback systems will by noiser than others - it sounds fine in headphones jacked directly into the soundcard, but my old 12AX7 tubes pick up more residual hiss, and crackle up the soflty spoken line "We're a big surprise" (spoken here by Dio.)

    Hints, comments and feedback welcome.
    Meanwhile, ENJOY.

    - G

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