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  • Member: jade_eyed_angel
  • Studio: Soul Anime Studios
  • Title: Gravi - "Yuki's Reason"
  • Premiered: 2004-10-24
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    • Hoobastank The Reason
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  • Comments: Wheee another vid to another over-used song! Heheh... Ok, I wanted to this this song for months, but I originally planned this vid to InuYasha, but there were at least like 14 already... so to make another one would be pretty retarded on my part. I was ready to give up but then I realized "OMG.. this fits Yuki SO well!" And last time I checked, there was only one Gravi vid fro this song entered, but it wasn't actually even available for download, so I decided to make this vid.. it was fun!

    A lil lip sync, i dun think it's that good, if you don't notice it, just dun rate it.. if u do.. *shrugs* sori it's a lil off i was bein a lil lazy

    i used some cool effects in this.. not many, but i DID figure out how to use other cool effects, which aren't in this vid, but i'm saving for other vids

    the quality is about as good as u can get out of the gravi fansubs n the file size is not too big, so i guess thats good

    its pretty funny tho - this is s'possed to be a yuki prof vid, but a ton of the scenes ended up bein of shu-chan anyway lol.. its like yuki is singin the song to shu so.. =P

    i used like two manga scans in this vid.. i got the idea from Yues woman's vid "InuYasha and Kagome" ( I order u all to download it and leave opinions, cause its waayy better than mine =P

    ok, i think there was something else i planned to say, but i forgot wat, so if i remember i'll add it later lol.. so enjoy the vid


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