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  • Member: LCY84
  • Studio: S.M.A.H.U.T. inc.
  • Title: Weird
  • Premiered: 2004-08-01
  • Categories:
  • Song:
    • Massive Attack Dissolved Girl
  • Anime:
  • Comments: I've realised this music video at the end of july for the birthday of a friend : aya, that s why you can see "bon anniversaire aya" in the middle of the amv which can be translate by "happy birthday aya" ^^;.

    At starting, WilLoW :--) was the amvmaker who wants to make this track for the multi creator project for aya's birthday but unfornately he can t realise it cause of a lack of time. So i decided to make this track with the anilme lain (i hate lain) because i thank lain's ambiance could feel good with the song and with the kind of amv aya likes. So i asked willow which anime he wanted to use with this song and his answer was :"lain, no other anime", so i asked him which scene i could use on this amv because i haven t seen lain that i consider like a borred anime.
    2 days after, i had finish my amv, using the dvds of a friend because my downloaded footages suxxx'.

    The resolution of my amv is 640*360 whereas lain is edited in 4/3 format because 16/9 was the resolution we must respect for the project.

    Sorry for the lip sync, i know it really suxxx' but i didn t want to change it radicaly after sending my vid to speedrage who was the cordinator of the project and i have not enough time before to modifiy this aspect.
    The shake effect is not a codec problem, just an effect i want to make, but the result is a little bit scary :/ (but this effect isn t during all the lenght of the vid ^^;).

    Why this title? Because in my opinion the ambiance on the anime lain and on my amv is really weird, don't think?

    The song's cut at the end isn't mine but made by speedrage for his transition ^^;


    Technical observations :

    Video realised with after effects 6.0
    XviD 1.1 (DivX compatible)
    lame mp3 192 kbps (why not 320 kbps? just because in my opinion we can t heard difference between 192 and 320 kbps)

    I hope you will enjoy this video and like the ambiance.

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