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  • Member: gangstaj8
  • Studio: Flying Frog
  • Title: Masochism Anime
  • Premiered: 2004-10-22
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    • Absolutely Nobody Masochism Tango
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  • Comments: What they've said:

    "A gem among AMVs... +1 for lip snycing an eyeball. :) " - Hax (Rob S.)

    "Its highlight is the vision to bring this quirky little song to life." - Dark_Matter (Thomas Gerlick)

    "I believe "ROFLMAO" sums it up pretty well. ^_^ " - MMZ (Jack )

    What I've said:

    Oh boy, this one may become the most infamous among my current and future videos. I've been working on this over the last month, but didn't actually spend very much time on it. Although I did spend a good deal of time searching for appropriate scenes to fit the specific references in the music. That was tough...

    The whole video involves many different characters in varying stages of questionable incredulity. Much of which was taken out of context here, so don't take anything to literally. One exception would be Peter and Lois Griffin, they're just sick and twisted.

    I really didn't do any special effects in this video, just tried to match lyrics and make it funny. By the way, this includes a couple of "firsts" for me. It's my first vid with multiple anime, my first partial non-DVD source footage, and first lip sync vid, which was really a pain in the butt. It did go through lots of transistions too. Probably about 70% of this vid is in a different form than what I originally intended. But it's complete, and I'm finally happy with it.

    Music Note:
    The song "Masochism Tango" is originally done by Tom Lehrer, I believe. This version is performed by an A Capella group that, at the time, was called Absolutely Nobody, most recently they've been know as Second Chance. I knew them long ago when they were still called The Milkmen. This was back when I was going to college with them, and sang alongside of most of them in choir. So this song has a special place in my deported heart. Also, the record skipping bit is an edit, you won't find it that way on their album. Another thing that I didn't originally intend, but I think it turned out well.

    Technical stuff:
    The majority of the clips I used were recorded from TV and compressed before I used them here, so the quality is lacking. And, unfortunately, the [adult swim] logo is very apparent in many scenes. But I used what fit and that's what you get.

    As with my previous vids, I compressed with DivX 5 using Lame MP3 into .AVI format. Enjoy! And please leave an opinon if you can spare the time.

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