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  • Member: kounitsa
  • Title: Song of the universe
  • Premiered: 2004-10-17
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  • Song:
    • Theatre of Tragedy Universal Race
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  • Comments: 1 awesome anime series + awesome song + one sleepless night = something like this ^__~
    2 Working on this AMV was a pure pleasure.. well.. almost pure and almost pleasure -__-
    I did my best to avoid subtitles, it took a lot of time, but.. I'm happy with the result!
    3 If you haven't seen The Melody of oblivion yet - this AMV is a place to start,
    because it was made as a preview and won't spoil anything. ^__^
    4 hope you'll enjoy it

    Song Lyrics:
    Theatre of Tragedy - Universal race

    The pulsing of the flare reflected in the air
    Stick-stuck goggles deflecting the stare
    Underground, overdrive
    Countdown, take off
    We're gone, they're here
    Head for planets far and near

    Don't know what upsets you
    We're gonna take you to the outer space
    Find planets - red, blue
    Let's make a universal race

    We're gonna take you to places never seen
    A rigid-like gesture since we were nineteen
    Inner space, outer space
    Head off, head on Slot in, interface
    Bounce back and forth like electrons
    We're gonna take you to planets never seen
    Solar systems run by machines
    Out of code Crash, reboot
    'Redo from Start', who is he?

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