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  • Member: Green²
  • Title: Gravity of Love
  • Premiered: 2004-10-18
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    • Enigma Gravity of Love
  • Anime:
  • Comments: ***The programs that I used for this video editing process was Virtualdub and the GIMP for Windows. To be able to play this video, you'll need a video decompression codec that can handle the 4cc of XVID/FFDS, as this was compiled/compressed with FFDSHOW,.. thus FFDSHOW should decode the video just fine.***

    When I first decided to create this anime music video, I wanted to understand on what it would be like to work on such a process. I had a anime series in mind to work with because as I find this anime title to be a very good series, yet for it to be such a good title, I felt quite certain that I wouldn't find myself from being tired of searching for the scenes to join within this AMV. But for that I'm glad as there were points within this AMV that just seemed impossible to work with next,.. be that due to a lack of usable video material, or that what I planned to do would just not work with the next part of the song stage. Of course this meant that this entire AMV was a "plan as you go" kind of deal.

    For why I've chosen this song to go with the AMV,.. it not quite easy to say, but something about it had that "flow" that just seemed to go along with the anime series. But for what you are about to see, or have already seen of this AMV, I really do hope that you can / have enjoy/ed the combination of these two elements, Gravity of Love & Uninhabited Planet SURVIVE.


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