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  • Member: Shadow Blade
  • Title: Choji is Fat
  • Premiered: 2004-05-03
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  • Song:
    • Weird Al Yankovic I'm Fat
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  • Comments: This is my 2nd Naruto clip and the 5th clip overall. It's a montage for our favorite fatso, Akimichi Choji. The song is a parody for Micheal Jackson's "I'm Bad" which is called "I'm Fat" By Weird Al Yancovich.

    Special Guest Star: My stupid friend who yelled Fatass at the beginning -_-". And sorry for writing Big Al instead or Weird Al, South Park influence.

    NOTE: There are NO spoilers on the show what-so-ever so you can watch it freely, however, the clip itself is only 2:30 because there are not so many Choji clips. Not my best work but definately the funniest ^_^.

    PS... for the final time, my goal wasn't to make a lip sync movie!

    Oh. And if was BEFORE THE SOUND FIVE ARC so sorry for the lack of Choji clips :|

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