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  • Member: -=Naruto=-
  • Title: Warpath
  • Premiered: 2004-10-17
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    • Story of the Year Burning Years
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  • Comments: hey, thanks for stopping buy.. this is my first AMV, and probably the only one, but i liked how it turned out.. its not as deep as a lot of other ones on this site are, but i think its entertaining at least.. it took a while to make, but i think it was worth the effort.. please leave opinions ^_^

    the following AMVs were used to make this AMV.. i know i know, im supposed to use my own footage, but to me, why spend money and time to buy, rip, and edit a whole series.. i mean, its not like im getting paid or anything to do this, so its all for fun and games.... so all, im saying is that i dont own any of the footages in this video, and i turn all the credit towards the original creators..i suggest you also see their movies, because they are very well done........

    amvs used:
    anime gumi memories, flame of recca: youth gone wild, flame of recca: flaming brothers, fullmetal alchemist: out of hope, fullmetal alchemist: i hate you, fullmetal alchmist: going under, Inner Conflict(sasuke tribute), Not a tool(haku tribute), Ninpo pain no jutsu, Died in your arms tonight (kenshin), Last Resort(kenshin), and alchemists trade

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