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  • Member: Unlimited Rice
  • Studio: Sharing An Eye Productions
  • Title: Agonize the Harmony
  • Premiered: 2004-10-17
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  • Song:
    • Pokemon 2.B.A Master OST Double Trouble
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  • Comments: o_O

    Presenting the winner of SQ's TRWYP ( Team Rocket Wants You Project )

    ok.. so maybe I was the only one left in the contest and won by default -_^'

    TeClmmlEd: you deserve to die *deletes vid* its not that i dont like it its....its just......if my mom catches me watching it she will think im a queer

    Notice about the intro: uh.. yea.. after that long time exporting... I realized that I forgot to add in the title part (duh).. and that white flash went on longer than it should have.... (oh well.. :shruggs:)

    2nd Notice:I'm going by Sharing An Eye Productions now.. not Sharingan Eye(b/c I don't feel like thinking up a new name a buying a new domain name for the site)... I needa lay off the naruto ness b/c well.. I don't plan on making that much naruto amvs anyways... maybe just only one more planned..

    Joining the Contest

    Ah yes.. "WTF?" was definitely on my mind when I joined up on SQ's TRWYP contest. I can't even remember now how I thought that I would not join at all. Well anyways.. I did join with the "omg, what the hell am I doing?" kinda attitude.


    Alright.. so the Bahbem Foundation(Team Rocket) wants to take in Ayato(Pikachu) and the Rahxephon to fulfill their plans. Well they sure are trouble.Lord Bahbem(Giovanni) has Helena Bahbem(Jesse), Kisaragi Itsuki(James), and Isshiki Makoto(Meowth) are in work to go after him.


    Joining the TRWYP, it was suggested to be serious.. not mandatory.. but I took it anyways. Well... so this video is supposed to be serious. To me, it's kinda hard to see what it is except some general video of..... the "other" category... but the other closest is serious.

    some of you might start laughing/giggling b/c of the song (curse you....:shakes fist:) .. but for me.. after all this editing with it.. it's just some normal song to me...

    so... yea.. I intend on keeping this in the Serious and Other category (not comedy. just b/c a video makes you laugh. doesn't mean it's comedy =P )

    Working Process

    It really wasn't torture at all. The only problem I really had was trying to find the time to work on this video, because I joined thinkin I'd have plenty of time but with my school... I should've predicted that finding time was impossible. (Then again, I never really got to finish it before the due date, Oct 15) I only had barely any time working on it, like.. 10-20 min every other day or so.. totally about no more than like.. 10-11 hours total. Some of you might've noticed me online like.. for hours.. but that's just me trying studying or doing homework.(damn dedication.. I hate it as much as procrastination.... this is speaking in terms of school, of course)


    Ayato is Pikachu of course seeing as how the Bahbem Foundation(Team Rocket) wants him.
    Bahbem Foundation is the Team Rocket organization because they are after Ayato(Pikachu).
    Lord Bahbem is Giovanni because he is the head of the Bahbem Foundation... so it's fitting that he's the leader of Team Rocket.

    ..The Trio..
    Helena, Itsuki, and Makoto are a group of three. They were together as a group in their childhood

    Helena Bahbem is Jesse because she is working for the Bahbem Foundation
    Kisaragi Itsuki is James because Makoto made a better Meowth.
    Isshiki Makoto is Meowth because well... it fits him best compared to the Itsuki.

    Video and technical Notes

    Intro, what's with the music? It doesn't fit? I hope it confuses you.......or not.

    The last two choruses each had one of the dolem(Pokémon) appearances that you might've seen in here.. I thought the moments with Forzando(big blue thing in the clouds) and Sforzando(big blue ICE thing) were quite intense. I did use Falsetto(brown thingy that gobbled the Rahxephon up) for a bit.. Allegretto(blue one with wings) and Fortissimo(red one) did make at least one appearance.

    You might be wondering why Elvy Hadhiyat was included as a Team Rocket member. It's because she pilots the Vermillion(the red thing with the gun) which was a product from the Bahbem Foundation.

    Ayato in pain/suffering - of course I had to add taht in.. they're causing him trouble, giving him agony.... yes.........

    I got some technical stuff down... probably noticed it..

    some lips were weird, some good enough for me, some actually good(i think)... some were like... all choppy.. whoops.. tried to fix one part. but couldn't.

    and the lens flare at the end?(after the WOOOSH!) Genius ;) Who would've thought of using a lens flare at the end with that tingly sound:rolleyes:[/sarcasm] (what kind of comment is this to add about a serious video? ;) )


    I cut the beginning too because I couldn't find any good clips of Bahbem talking with an angry voice(well.. there was one.. but I used it somewhere else in the video, and you only see his eyes area of his face anyways....)

    These cuts are very noticeable.. *whoops*
    The song was cut short at where Jesse, James, and Meowth are having their conversation... No way could I keep that in there for this vid.

    and the end.. I shorten that too because the chorus(team rocket's rockin! talkin trouble, walkin trouble, etc..) goes on like.. 4 or 5 times!! no way am I going that way.. so you
    guys only go through it twice ^_^, but i'm pretty sure you'd notice the last chorus came early

    ............ yea.. I'll be sure to fix those before planning on putting this video on Local..

    Special Thanks to SQ for starting this TRWYP for this video would not have been made if it wasn't for his contest.

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