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  • Member: Coffee 54
  • Studio: Crazy Vegeta Productions
  • Title: Shy Hinata, Powerful Neji! (Special Edition)
  • Premiered: 2004-10-29
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    • Command and Conquer: Generals Chinese Battle Theme #6
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  • Comments: Description:
    A step above a Remastering and a step below a Remake equals a Special Edition. This video boasts a huge file quality increase over the original but only a few scenes have actually been changed. In other words, if you liked the first version, you'll love this one, especially the whopping 30MB file size difference. However, if you didn't like the first version for anything other than technical reasons, then you probably won't like this one any better.

    If you haven't seen either, this video is tribute to the battle between Hyuuga Hinata and Hyuuga Neji, her cousin. The music is the real star of this video, a haunting Chinese melody that I felt fit perfectly. The buildup is kinda long but I made up for it with lots of Spielbergian 'People Looking,' very dramatic. In short, If you like instrumental, or Hinata, give it a downloaded.

    Remake Notes:
    I personally have a No Remake rule. But this rule is not hard and fast. I made an exception in this case for a number of reasons. Any one of which alone would not have been enough, however, altogether they justified it. First this video was never finished to my satisfaction. I rushed production and released before it was ready. Second, I wanted something to send to Anime USA. I knew this video had alot of unharnessed potional, I credit that to the song, and that with a little work, the convention goers might really like it. Lastly, I wanted the comparison available. The only other to remakes I have planned are of unreleased videos. I wanted to have both verisons of at least one of my remakes available for download and comparison, this video provided me with that opportunity.

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