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  • Member: Kalium
  • Title: Lady of the Stars
  • Premiered: 2004-10-11
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    • Styx Lady
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    A/K/A 'Confessions of a Fanboy'

    OK, that said, here's what happened with this video. At one point, some time during the summer, I got the idea. Unfortunately, due to an uncooperative HD, I could never get much done. Once I got my drive working however, I was already back at school.

    After that, I wound up with a job and classes, etc. In short, my free time moved rapidly towards nil. However, on an occasional night or weekend, I would find time. And some would get done. One weekend, however, (right before my first exams, actually) I spent almost the entire weekend editing. The next day, it was tweaking (both before and after and exam - really).

    Why did I make this? Well, the reasons are not really all that complicated. Anyone who spends a lot of time around me or in #AMV know that will lament the lack of Crest of the Stars videos, especially romantic ones. Having just made one, I now know why: there's damn little material to work with. Almost everything is said or implied in another way, making for a very difficult source to do much with.

    As for the song, well, I think that explains itself. I will say that the editing was a challenge, though. I've learned that I belong to the school of editing that wants to use long, slow clips to convey meaning. Combined with my sappy nature, this means slow romance videos. The first bit of the video wasn't hard at all, everything just fell into place. After that, though, when the song picks up, the editing became a lot more difficult. My editing style, as it is, does not lend itself well to such rapid editing. Of course, fast paced romance is difficult to begin with!

    Anyway, enough of my talking. Linear notes are below, if you're interested. If not, go farther down and download.

    Update, 12/25/04: I should explain the title, in case you haven't Crest of the Stars. In Crest and Banner, the Abh refer to themselves as the 'Kin of the Stars'. Lafiel is a princess among them. One line repeated in the song is 'lady of the morning'. I didn't want to lift a itle directly from the lyrics, so I came up with 'Lady of the Stars' by amalgamating the two things I just mentioned.

    Linear notes:

    0:04 I believe this particular crossfade is native, and thus somewhat more difficult to edit with. I think I fit it in, though.

    0:13 I carefully synched the eyeblink. Again, I think this worked.

    0:24-0:25 I did a crossfade on each syllable. I used the same idea several times more.

    0:28-0:30 Flashes of Lafiel on the soft notes. I do this later, too.

    0:31 Shameless lyrical synch.

    0:33-0:35 This spot was somewhat problematic. I slowed it down a lot, and Magix decided to reinterlace it some. That, or it didn't completely deinterlace properly. Either way, there are a few comb lines that I wasn't able to get rid of.

    0:36-0:42 More shameless lyrical synch.

    0:45 Much as I would love to continue the motion, there is no motion to continue. The source shot cuts off there.

    0:48 More shameless lyrical synch. Really.

    0:49 Flashes of Lafiel again on the softer notes.

    0:51 Blatant lyrical synch.

    0:53-0:55 Again with the crossfades.

    0:56 Darkened and progressively zooming flashes of Lafiel. The zooming added after JCD suggested it.

    1:07 Shy. Hiding in the dark. Get it?

    1:08-1:10 'Child who had grown'. Lafiel as child, to Crest, to Banner. She grows up. Get it? Yeah. Not much to get.

    1:11 Not as random as it seems! I have to maintain point of view. Lip synching a line here and there helps do that, I think.

    1:13 Begin Lafiel montage.

    1:17 Break in the montage for shameless lyrical synch on 'morning'.

    1:23 OK, so this is an incredibly cheap effect. I left some green behind, so it's not perfect.

    1:27 'Sparkling'. Yeah, the comet alpha transparency is supposed to be lyrical synch with that.

    1:32 More of the POV maintenance. I can't lose focus!

    1:40 This verse is more about Jinto than Lafiel, so POV is a lot easier.

    1:45 'show me' and a pan up her body. Yeah, kinda cheesy, but whatever.

    1:46 Again with the crossfades.

    1:55 At this point I started to play with the saturation setting. Crest and Banner look gorgeous with the saturation boosted, really they do.

    2:00-2:03 That speed change in the clip is actually native. I could have made it all the same speed, but I like it as is.

    2:04 Keeping this going still. This time an extreme closeup.

    2:05 Back to the Lafiel montage.

    2:08 This bit is special to me. It's actually a really simple effect to do, but I honestly think this is the best effect I did in the entire video.

    2:12 I'm beginning to move away from the musical and direct lyrical synch a bit, and going for something a bit deeper.

    2:16 Yeah, it's Jinto, but I think this still works.

    2:19 I actually like this shot. It looks quite nice, without being at all difficult to pull off.

    2:24 I was playing with saturation again here. I still think it looks gorgeous.

    2:25 This lip synch is special. It's Jinto saying it directly to Lafiel's face.

    2:27 Another incremental fade to the guitar.

    2:33 The planet with the sun behind it is supposed to look almost like a crown, framing her face. It kinda worked.

    2:35 If there was motion to continue, I would have continued it. As is, I had to do a freeze and incremental fade.

    2:37 OK, this is a bit of a stretch. That sparkling dot is actually (spoiler removed).

    2:38 Lyrical synch doesn't get much more direct than this.

    2:39 I'm lucky that these cuts matched the beat, because that's not something I did intentionally.

    2:43 Here, I'm going for impressive looking, with Lafiel reacting to something.

    2:48 This is actually looped, but I think that the loop is nearly invisible.

    2:49 A last bit of POV maintenance.

    2:50 A final Lafiel montage.

    2:51 Just a cool shot. Beautiful, and it fades to white natively.

    First off, thanks to all my beta testers. I know there's no way I'm going to remember you, so I'm not even going to try.

    Specific things:
    JCD, for suggesting the zoom effect I put to used at 0:56.
    Pwaffle, for pointing out that that same effect looks cool in other places, too.
    LadyDX, for putting up with a series of jokes and early beta testing.

    Magix Video deLuxe 2.0

    Technical details of video file:
    XviD 1.0.2
    mp3 at maximum bitrate (320 kb/s)


    Lady, when you're with me I'm smiling
    Give me all your love
    Your hands build me up when I'm sinking
    Touch me and my troubles all fade
    Lady, from the moment I saw you
    Standing all alone
    You gave all the love that I needed
    So shy, like a child who had grown

    You're my lady of the morning
    Love shines in your eyes
    Sparkling, clear, and lovely
    You're my lady

    Lady, turn me on when I'm lonely
    Show me all your charms
    Evenings when you lay down beside me
    Take me gently into your arms

    Lady of the morning
    Love shines in your eyes
    Sparkling, clear, and lovely
    You're my lady

    Lady of the morning
    Love shines in your eyes
    Sparkling, clear, and lovely
    You're my ... lady

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