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  • Member: The Anaconda
  • Studio: Voice Project
  • Title: I am a Rock
  • Premiered: 2004-10-10
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  • Song:
    • Simon and Garfunkel I am a Rock
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  • Comments: After over two years without capture equipment, I finally got things back together to create videos again. So I began by selecting songs from my collection that I hadn't seen used on here before.

    I got a pretty good list of like 10 songs from my collection, but didn't have any ideas of anything specific to do. Until I came across Simon and Garfunkel's "I am a Rock". When I got to that song, everything just fell into place. Saishuu-Heiki Kanojo would be the anime, and I would do a video focusing on Shuuji.

    So I took the DVD player from my sisters room (since she had taken it into her room) that allowed me to do video capturing, and got to work. I hadn't originally planned it, but Akemi's presence in the video sort of fit right in as I grabbed clips.

    I think it turned out well for not having done any video work for over two years. All in all, this is my first video in a long time.

    Last note I wasn't trying to sync lip flaps or anything, it was the concept of the song I was going for. Any syncing of lip flaps (which happened several times) was purely accidental.

    Leave your opinions please!

    ----- added Friday, August 26, 2005 -----

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