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  • Member: TriGGiT
  • Title: When Night Falls
  • Premiered: 2004-10-10
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    • Kimiko Itoh Follow Me
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  • Comments: This video is something completely different to what i have been doing so far this time i really wanted to alter the footage itself to create a much better feeling and flow to the music.

    The video is a result of watching the Ghost in the shell Innocence japanese trailer many times, after listening repeatedly to its song i dicided to make a short clip to see how well it would go with blood the last vampire heh it was a perfect match so the video defenetly had to be done.

    The Effects:
    Blur edges - The edges of the screen are blurred and have a soft rounded frame.
    in my opinion this thing alone adde alot to the flow of the video.

    Film Damage - Along with the Blurred edges it worked beatifully, the film damage will be more visible in the beggining and end of the video even though its quite noticeable in some of the parts that contain high brightness.

    Trapcode Shine - I added these because of the glimmering sounds that are present in the song, during the middle of the song more or less.
    Also used it to increase a beat in one parts of the video.
    you will notice this effect during a classroom scene and also in a building in the outsides of the school.

    Colorizing and tint- This was used to represent "memories flashback" that one of the characters has during the video.
    also the Film Damage effect adds an "old times" tint to the whole video

    Masking- During the half & final parts of the vid,

    The Song
    This song by Kimiko Itoh is part of the GITS Innocence movie, it is very slow paced and dramatic so dont expect much action in this video.

    Story Line
    I did create one, however some of the people that saw the beta said that they saw the video more as a moody piece than a storylined video.

    Anyway this is what i tryed to do:
    basically I wanted to focus in Saya and the schools nurse only.

    The first scene takes place in the subway where a guy gets killed by saya.

    In the next scene another murder takes place a woman is also killed by saya.

    Now(in the next day) Saya attends some class , and while this happens the school nurse is called into the principals office where somekind of FBI guy is waiting for her.
    Then the nurse is being questioned by the agents and shes asked if she can identify a certain character, thats when one of the agents show her the picture of saya and the nurse then remembers the first time she saw Saya and falls in shock when seeing that the girl is a vampire and that the picture dates 1892.

    The scene Changes with saya walking through the hall and listening to the nurse and the agent talking about her.
    Seeing that nurse might have way too much information Saya decides to hunt the nurse down and thats what happens till the end were she kills her.
    Think of the video as if it was Saya telling the story.
    "And yes, I am full of fan fiction"

    Anyway had to create a framework or story so that some of the clips i used could make sence, still i think iv made the video enjoyable enough for those that didnt see a story in the video.


    AnimeDestiny 2004 "Most atmospheric AMV" -Judge's Award-

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