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  • Title: Seras' Curse
  • Premiered: 2004-10-29
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    • Linkin Park Breaking the Habit
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  • Comments: A video about Seras Victoria? I could have called it Victoria's Secret, but then people would hit me, and I bruise easily. This video is about Seras' fall from humanity and descent into her vampiric urges, which I always thought was the most interesting of the side stories in Hellsing. I was hoping to make an eerie, frightening video, but I feel I might have lapsed into more of an action type. It's what I get for using Linkin Park, I guess, although the thought of breaking the habit of one's humanity was too fascinating a notion to ignore. Since the video hasn't premiered yet, I won't delve any more into the narrative. I will say that this is the first video I've completed using ripped footage instead of captured, so the video quality is higher than my earlier videos (and I didn't have to use any cheats to hide any flaws in the quality, either). I used DVD Decrypter to rip the footage and Xmpeg to convert to AVI. I have to give Xmpeg credit - it may be quirky, but I found it easier to use than AVISynth, and the files were very clean and small (I would hope so, I usually was only converting a few seconds at a time). Once again, I used Screenblast to code the vid. Some day I'll upgrade to Vegas, and then watch out! :wink:

    I'll pop this up after it premieres at Anime USA. 'Til then, keep on sucking blood, you crazy Goths!

    (added 10/31/04) Now that Anime USA is over, I can give a bit more information about the story of the video. In the first episode of Hellsing, Seras Victoria, driven to the breaking point by the course of events around her, sacrifices herself so that Alucard, Hellsing's "hunting dog", can destroy the vampire priest terrorizing a small English town. To "reward" her, Alucard grants her unlife. Throughout the rest of the series, Seras' inhumanity is thrown in her face time and time again. She has to cope with what she's become; as her nature changed, so have her strengths, weakness - even the little things she needs to survive. The video can be taken as a tryptich, a three-part piece that follows Seras' plight.


    This scene's in there to humanize the realtionship between Seras and Alucard. Like a parent, he wants to see her get strong, to succeed, to surpass him. It's one of the surprising emotional moments in the series. The words are:

    my blood
    my life
    my strength
    ...i can't... master...

    Part 1 - Reluctance & Confusion
    Unlike the other undead in the series, Seras doesn't quite know what to do with the powers she's been granted. In my opinion, she seems small and meek before her confrontation with Alucard - she's the division mascot, relegated to healing duties while the other members take on the enemy. Immediately after her conversion, she still has that lack of confidence, that confusion. I wanted to show through the first verse that she's still clinging to her past life (lyric: Memories consume...), unwilling to move forward on her own. When pressed into duty (first chorus, first stanza), she fails in her confrontation with the zombies of her old pack. Finally, the first time she has to face her need for blood to survive, she is disgusted and breaks down into tears.

    By the way, the flashes during the chorus tell their own story; if you want, try watching frame-by-frame the last little bit of each line.

    Part 2 - Reticence & Fear
    I focused on the confrontation with the Vatican's warrior priest (why can't I remember his name?) because I felt it necessary a:) to cut her off from her one source of (albeit twisted) support, Alucard, and b:) to build some tension as I lead into the dream sequence (lyric: I hurt much more...) There is fear, yes, but also a little madness creeping in. Her next mission leads her to more atrocity, more confusion, and more fear. This time, she comes closer to accepting her need for blood, but still is morally unable to sate her appetite.

    The flashes are the same as in the first chorus, but in negative - a cheap ploy at trying to reflect her wavering mental state.

    This is where I made a mistake. I thought the second line of this verse went "And I'm the one that falls," however, it's "And I'm the one at fault." As it turns out, I still think the action matches the lyrics, and I went with it. By the way, I used a chroma key effect to get the undulating blood sea into the scene. After all, "I paint it on the walls..."

    Part 3 - Relish & Anger
    In the end (which, thankfully, I didn't use), Seras accepts, and even relishes her vampiric nature. Power not weilded is not power, right? My favorite lyric match is the final "Or why I have to scream," where Seras is screaming as she hauls her huge cannon into frame. For some reason, I find it gratifying. (Paging Dr. Freud... paging Dr. Freud)

    The song trails off for several seconds, so I wanted to fill the time with something. At first, I wanted to have Alucard rearing back and laughing, as his protege finally comes of age. However, I already killed him off, to wean her off his power. So I used the mysterious clapping figure at the end of the Hellsing promo music video - at least this way, someone will clap for my video at the AMV showing.

    Anyway, if you made it to the end of this, thank you for reading my rants. Thank you either way for watching my video. Please, leave me some feedback - I'd like to know how people receive my work.

    Convention notes: I switched gears on the video I was planning to submit to the AUSA contest about two days before the first deadline. I was working on a comedy video, but when I got news that my mom was in the hospital, I didn't feel much like laughing anymore. So I had this on the back burner, finished it up, and sent it out (fortunately, VicBond007, the coordinator, extended the deadline a week.) However, I ran out of time to beta it. I finished u/ling the video at 11:45 PM the day of the deadline, went to watch it, and notice about a dozen things that needed tweaking. What I have up here is the finished product, as soon as I can figure out how to make the file less than 100 MB in size while maintaining the frame-by-frame flashes. Look for it on the org soon, though I might send the completed video off somewhere.

    Finalist - AnimeUSA 2004 AMV contest, Action category

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