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  • Member: MadMadameMinx
  • Title: impulse
  • Premiered: 2004-10-05
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    • Oleander Why I'm Here
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  • Comments: Warning: Evangelion video without Evangelions. Nothing explodes or bleeds.

    Everytime I watch NGE I think, what a sad bunch of kids. Here they are hampered down by twisted logic and the weight of the world when they could be dating, starting bands, playing online games or whatever it is the kids that moved away from Tokyo-3 do for fun. (Is that too much of a conformist thought?)

    Then I thought, maybe it's not too late. And with a bit of editing, I had two couples with a group of friends--all of which imploded sadly at the end of 3 minutes and 53 seconds.

    Too bad. I though Toji and Rei were cute.

    I did this one by myself since none of my friends like Evangelion or Oleander. I made one in mpeg format this time (a first for me) and I used fades (a lot--another first).I hope that someone enjoys it. Please wish me luck on future amv successes.


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