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  • Member: Corran
  • Studio: Destination Skyline Studios
  • Title: The Last Transmission
  • Premiered: 2004-10-04
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  • Song:
    • Moby My Weakness
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    To watch the local version of this video you need either VLC, a standalone player, or, if you want to watch it in WMP, CCCP installed.


    -Studio Gaijin's VAT Guest Award
    -DWChang's “How Did This Fall Through the Cracks Award” VAT Guest Award

    AWA Pro 2004 Nominations:
    -Best Artistic
    -Best Drama
    -Best Instrumental
    -Best Sentimental

    Primary Software:
    -Premiere 6.0
    -The Gimp 2.0
    -Avisynth 2.55

    I began working on this video exactly a month before the AWA Pro deadline and finished about a week early. I got a little lazy on submitting it though and had to ship it in using overnight shiping. ^^;; Shortly afterwards I began to convince myself that the video sucked and I wished I hadn't entered... (I'm pretty bad about that with any video I make.) This especially rang true when I received the judging dvds because the title cards for the videos didn't include the title of the video, which I felt was crucial to this particular video. Once nominations were over however, the video was nominated in four categories: Best Drama, Best Artistic, Best Sentimental, and Best Instrumental.

    At the convention, it didn't win any of the categories it was nominated for. I was a little disapointed; however, Kwasek played the video at the More Than Toast panel and it won two guest awards as well. ^_^ This probably made me more happy than if I had taken an award in the Pro contest, besides there is always next year for that. ; )

    The idea for this video came to me sometime just before Jacon 2004. I like to use my computer as a jukebox so I always rip any CD I buy and add the mp3's to my playlists. The rip for this particular song went bad due to a scratch on the CD which made noise on the beginning and end of the song. Moby has some unique music though so I figured that the noise created by the scratches was actually part of the song until I reripped the audio for the video. The part about the song that I like the most and the main inspiration for this video was that the song starts out kind of quiet and builds in intensity as it it progesses. Eventually it gets to a very dramatic climax and suddenly it drops back down to how the song began. I decided it would be interesting to find some way to mirror this progessive/dramatic change with video. So basically, this video is one giant transition of mood.

    The begining of the video with the Magnetic Rose footage was added in after the main portion of the video was completed. I originally wanted to use Noir because it had a scene with a bunch of monitors (I'm glad I didn't now as Memories worked so well). At the time I had lent the Noir DVD I needed to a co-worker so I couldn't use it, so after searching through my collection I chose Memories. I don't know why I didn't think to use it before because it fits perfectly... sort of. I heavy edited the audio, and when I say heavily I mean I only left the audio where you can see mouth movement the same(Even that was somewhat edited to make it sound right...). Everything: the button pushes, the captain drinking, and even the background noises were added in seperately from other scenes because the scenes I wanted to use had background music in it. (BTW Premeire is a pain in the ass to edit audio with. If possible I would had edited it in another program.)

    Tech notes:
    -To make the ship's monitors play my footage I exported certain frames and cropped the monitors out of them in a wonderful program called Gimp 2.0 that is freely available online. I then used those images to create a track matte in Premiere.
    -I used 20+ zones, high bitrate scene degradation, and some other xvid features to get the video down to a 'reasonable' file size. This version is the non-local link.

    Special Thanks to Mr Oni, Kalium, and Lucas_s for beta testing.

    Anyways if you are still reading this I'd like to say thanks and I hope you enjoy watching this video.

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